NEWS - XFO Issues Press Release

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08/10/12 12:00



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Shortly after Alex Summers, code named Havok, issued a statement condeming what he called a concentration camp used to hold and torture mutants, the government agency known as the X-Factor Organization issued a statement to the press:

"The X-Factor Organization exists as a specialized taskforce to lawfully arrest and detain superpowered and mutant individuals who break the law. It does not hold American citizens without trial and it does not detain them without trial on foreign soil. Nor does it engage in or condone torture or experimentation without consent. Our experts have conducted their own investigation into this concentration camp and determined, based on the presence of Sentinels and other robots, that this facility was, in fact, part of the recent Ultron plot. It is believed Ultron used this facility to capture and hold mutants who might be considered dangerous to it's attempted new world order. We deplore the situation and applaud both the Avengers and our own X-Factor team, led by Alex Summers, for their role in stopping Ultron and freeing the mutants kept at this horrible facility. We are currently mobilizing resources and coordinating with the Canadian government to provide aid to any former prisoner of the camp who might require it."

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