NEWS - Would-be Supercrook says F U

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A would be supervillain used social media yesterday in order to air his grievances with the Serpent Society, a world wide supercriminal organization.

Garter Snake, a young man in a brown and green costume, posted a profanity laden rant on YouTube. The gist of the rant was that Garter Snake had attempted to join the Serpent Society, which only recruits snake themed villains, and was rejected.

"You got a guy that throws <censored> metal eggs! A <censored> <censored> that <censored> uses <censored> boomerangs! One <censored> <censored> member is the <censored> wife of <censored> Stilt Man for <censored> <censored> sake! And you <censored> <censored> turn me down? Well <censored> you!" Mr. Snake said, among many other statements.

According to Garter Snake's webpage, his powers include the ability to release an unpleasant smell and to contort so his head is pressed into his abdomen while his posterior shakes in the air.

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