NEWS - Underworld Auction Foiled

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Daily Bugle

An explosion rocked the Lower East Side around 10:30pm last night. Thanks to a call from the Black Panther, police, fire & rescue were already in route. When they arrived they discovered the McKinsla warehouse had been shattered by a horrendous explosion. That very explosion woke the neighborhood and put residents on high alert.

Marcus Tubbs, a resident of the Bowery stated, "I was practically tossed out of my bed when the bomb went off. I couldn't believe my ears. Oh and get down to Jazzy Jeff's place to hear some supa-fly tunes as mix master Marcus busts a groove.

The Black Panther was on hand when the police arrived. The report given, details that there was an underworld auction taking place selling high end illegally obtained goods to the highest bidder. The Panther stated he was working with Arachne and the Night Raven in hopes of capturing an underworld figure named Yi Yang who heads the Dragon Tong. However, the Night Raven was reported to go insane and killed many of the goons. Night Raven is now wanted for questioning in regards to the mass murder of several dozen.

Investigators state that there are many questions left to answer and they will continue to comb the scene for clues that will hopefully lead them to those individuals who organized the auction, where the items were obtained, and if there are other auctions of this sort in the near future. Officials will be working closely with the Black Panther in this regard.

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