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<For citizens of NYC, this appears on your local news broadcasts, and is later repeated on national and international broadcasts.>

"This is a special new bulletin. A giant robot, possibly tied to those that attacked the United Nations within the past week, burrowed up out of the ground in the middle of Central Park, according to eye-witnesses."

"At the time, there was a photoshoot for a young women's fashion magazine in progress. The following is footage taken by an amatuer cameraman who was on the scene..."

<cut to Central Park>

Standing over a fallen, couple, a giant robot (some might recognize it as a Sentinel) rises to its full height and balls its hand into a fist, which it then raises, clearly intent on smashing the people.

Suddenly, a young blonde woman (she's wearing clothing that would certainly be 'fashionable' among teens and young adults) darts into frame to stand over the fallen couple, and raises her arms over her head in a clearly futile attempt to protect herself, and the others, from immenent death.

There is a loud *CLANG* sound as the robot's fist connects with... and stops against the girl's arms, though her feet are driven a few inches into the sidewalk on which she stands as the concrete buckles and cracks from the impact of the blow.

The girl then, looking angry, leaps up into the the air and DENTS the robot's face with a punch. The robot speaks, saying something about "non-human" and "mutant energy signature" and "Kree", as the girl rains a series of punches into its face that eventually take it down, ripping its head from its body.

The robot down, the girl turns to look at the fallen couple... then looks surprised and falls out of the air.

<cut back to news anchor>

"The young superheroine whose powers awakened to save her parents is Suzanna Lauren Sherman. More information about this young, newly-discovered super-heroine will follow."

<Later, a newspaper story in the Daily Bugle comes out, with the headline "ULTRAGIRL!" -- the story paints Suzanna Sherman as a righteous heroine, painting her in a /very/ good light... and using the story to smear Spider-Man, by comparison, as a menace to society. The media picks up on the Bugle's headline, and all further media reports about her call her by that name... including corporate-related news that, a few days later, indicates that she's signed a contract with the UnderArmor sporting goods company to be their official product spokesperson.>

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