NEWS - The Siege Is Over

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<< The airwaves are alive with reports, newspapers are running extra editions, and the radio speaks of nothing else. Below is an excerpt from one of the articles. >>

Today, we celebrate a time of victory, though it does not feel as one. Today we are forced to realize once again that we are not along amongst the beings of our world let alone the universe. Today, June 22nd, 2012, at 15:14:00 hours the Avengers were victorious over the Shadow Army that assailed us in our homes.
It will take us time to recover. The damage, I am told, is in the billions with much of the city still without power. The loss of life is horrible, nearly seven hundred souls were victims to the attacks of the creatures. Families have been torn apart, lives lost, and there is no way it can ever be made up to them.
Yet this is a victory nonetheless. We are still here, New York is still here, we are strong and we shall prevail. So long as we have people like the Avengers, like the NYPD, like the FDNY. We will prevail against whatever's thrown against us.
Now it is time for us to rebuild.

<< OOC: New York is now much safer than the last few days. It is very damaged and most likely will be so for the next month or so as it recovers. >>

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