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The New York Beat : Bringing you the key notes of the New York music scene.

What you've missed:

October 25th

*Gramercy* The Blender Theater kicked off the weekend early as it featured the blues/rock/rap hybrid band TwayneWreck. There were few seats left empty as they led the audience in a raucious profanity laced sing-a-long rendition of American Pie.

October 26th

* M-Town* Despite the location, a very human, British raised Sombre Tyrannosaur reteamed up with New York local Mick Drago to put on an open concert tailored for several schools in the area. Filling out the roster with seveal local acts and some local school choirs, the concert touched upon anti-smoking and anti-bullying topics.

October 27th

* Brooklyn * New York music fans who attended the Rock N Metal performance that led to 6 people being killed by Scorpia were given a pleasant surprise as they were treated to a concert featuring the surviving members of Pain. In a surprise addition, Mick Drago appeared to fill in the gap left by Matt Wynebago's death from the Scorpia attack. The set included selections from both music acts. Both Pain and Drago dropped out of the Rock N Metal tour after the attack with Pain regrouping and Drago keeping somewhat of a low profile by doing primarily surprise appearances. There is no word yet to when either act will start up a regular tour group schedule again or if there are other make up concerts in the works.

What's coming up:

A Very Sombre Tyranosaur Christmas - The Sombre Tyranosaur has announced a series of six concerts dotting along the East Coaast this November. It is being toted as the largest of hers ever with a theme of Christmas featuring original numbers and old classics. Proceeds from the concert will be going to several New York charities. Additional details of the concert location and times can be found at

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