NEWS - Space Ship Lands in Mutant Town

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Years ago, the original mutant team known as X-Factor (the team that fought Apocalypse and his Horsemen) occupied a space ship that rested within New York Harbor and eventually took the place of the old collapsed Regency Skyscraper in Midtown. Sources state that the 'Ship' (for lack of a better name) was an ancient vessel constructed by a powerful race of beings known as Celestials.

Now the ship has returned.

Late last night, a rumbling of sorts was heard and felt throughout the boroughs of Hell's Kitchen, Chelsea and Mutant Town. Witnesses emerged to investigate and spotted the ship descending upon a vacant lot within Mutant Town.

"It was like nothing I've ever seen before. It just came right out of the sky and landed, then buried itself into the dirt." - Jeordi Crusher, mutant living in Mutant Town reported his eye witness account.

"Me and Benny were standing on the rooftop when we saw the ship in the sky. It was blacked out and all that we could see was the glow of its thrusters, facing toward the ground." - Roger Waters tells of the Ship's landing.

When the dust finally cleared, police, fire/rescue, and media were on hand to cover the situation. The ship was then reported as being redesigned to appear more 'building like' than space ship like.

Three hours later, Havok, formerly of the defunct government team known as X-Factor emerged from the second floor balcony overlooking the filled street below. Alongside him were Nightcrawler, Mirage, Shadowcat and a before unknown blue haired mutant named Surge. Team images were also projected upon all four sides of the ship. Havok then addressed the nation.

"People of New York, mutant brothers and sisters, I stand before you today proud to introduce our newest venture in the light of heroic endeavors. Today I introduce to you X-Factor Investigations. It is our intention to take an active role in our community and assist against criminal activities whether they are mutant, human, alien, robotic, or altered human in nature. Operating out of our new base <motioning to the structure he stands within> we will be here to offer assistance and strive to ensure the safety and security of all within our reach. At present, we have obtained the proper licensing and permits to operate within the confines of the greater New York area and are working to expand that reach within the next few weeks. Our goal - Global. But for now, we are happy to start, small. So, if you are in need call X-Factor or come by our offices today." A 1800 number was then displayed on the side of the ship for all to see. Havok and his team then returned into the ship without answering questions.

Now the ship stands approximately 1000 feet above Mutant Town's structures. There is a faint, barely audible hum coming from the walls of the superstructure. It stands just as vigilant as the super heroic team known simply as X-Factor.

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