NEWS - Sea Urchin Arrested

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AP: Docks, New York City, New York, USA:

The NYPD announced the capture and arrest of the armored supervillain known as the Sea Urchin. He was found at the docks with a group of hired gang members or henchmen. Police were alerted to the presence Sea Urchin and his activities at the dock by an anonymous phone call. When the police arrived, several members of Sea Urchin's gang were unconscious and the rest were on their knees with their hands upon their heads waiting for the police to arrive. Sea Urchin himself was hanging from a ship's cargo crane. Police indicate that upon their arrival, Sea Urchin was agitated and claimed their was a bomb in his armor suit. This prompted police to call in negotiators and the bomb squad to make sure Sea Urchin did not blow himself up. After hours of standoff, Police learned that there were no explosives in Sea Urchin's armor. Police state that the hired henchmen of Sea Urchin indicate that Ultragirl and Night Thrasher were the ones who put a stop to their activities. Police confirmed a sighting of Ultragirl leaving the scene as the police arrived. What Sea Urchin and his crew were doing seems to involve artifacts and merchandise of Atlantean origin that would have eventually made its way to the Black Market. Police have taken possession of the merchandise and will work on identifying where to return it.

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