NEWS - Robots Invade World's Capitals

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08/06/12 08:00



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"We interupt this program to bring you a special report," says the anchorman, "Giant robots have touched down in every capital city on the planet. I repeat, giant robots have touched down in every capital city on the planet Earth. Five of the robots, which touched down in Washington D.C., London, Paris, Moscow, and Bejing, are each unique in design and at least one hundred feet tall. The robots in the rest of the world's capitals seem to be Sentinels, a mutant hunting robot designed by Bolivar Trask. We're going live in the field to reporter Trish Tilby for an update."

The scene switches to a lovely woman with short, brunette hair holding a microphone, standing in front of a military cordone.

"Thanks, Michael. This robot, which I'm told is known as Red Ronin, touched down ten minutes ago. According to our sources, the Red Ronin was invented to fight giant monsters but has a history of going rogue."

The camera pans up to show a very large robot, mostly red in color, that looks vaguely like a stylized samurai. Then the picture changes to static and a new face appears. The face of Ultron.

"Humanity. You have been conquered. The age of war and violence is over. Give up your violent ways and you will be spared. My soldiers now watch over every capital city of every nation on the planet. They do not tire. They do not rest. They remain forever vigilant. If one of my soldiers detect violence, they will destroy the offender as well as one square mile around the offender. Turn away from violence. Embrace the path of peace or be destroyed. Be aware, I am monitoring all communication. All broadcasts. If the governments or so-called heroes of this world attempt to defy my will, I will leave this planet in ruin. Resistance is futile."

Static once more, and then the anchorman is back on screen.

"... I... I'm being told the President has ordered martial law in the nation's capital. He's asking everyone remain calm and in their homes. He will be holding a press conference within the hour. We'll bring you more as this situation develops."

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