NEWS - Robot Routed

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08/07/12 10:00



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<Transcript from Heroline, a news magazine show hosted by Jeff Hunt>

Hunt: Welcome back. The robot invasion is over and we're all still here, folks. The question is, what the hell happened? For a little bit of clarity in this confusing series of events we turn to super hero expert and eternal sidekick, Rick Jones. Rick, give us the scoop.

Jones: Thanks, Jeff. I've been talking to my sources inside SHIELD and the Avengers, trying to piece it all together. So, Ultron...

Hunt: The robotic menace invented by Doctor Henry Pym?

Jones: Right, that Ultron. There's different versions of it. Sometimes, it wants revenge on Dr. Pym and the Avengers. Sometimes, it wants to destroy all organic life. This time, it wanted to enforce peace and perfect order on the world. So, it invented some nanomachines... tiny versions of itself to take over robots and sythezoids and androids all over the world.

Hunt: And you say this came in three stages?

Jones: Right on. Stage one, Ultron was sending his nanites into the world to test them. Infecting robots. Soemtimes, the robots went nuts and attacked people. Sometimes, they just acted strange. My guess is pretty much every robot related news story over the past two months is related to Ultron. Stage two, my sources tell me, involved direct attacks on SHIELD, the Avengers, the X-Men, and other super groups. Trying to do as much damage to them as possible. Probably so it would have less heroes to fight it for stage three.

Hunt: The giant robots.

Jones: Right. Giant robots landing in every capital on the planet. Except for Latvaria, for some reason, and Genosha, which has vanished. Five cities: Washington DC, London, Paris, Bejin, and Moscow, were attacked by unique robots. Red Ronin in DC, Raydeen in London, Combatra in Moscow, Dangard Ace in Paris, and Ultimo in Bejing. Your viewers can google all those. Sentinels landed in all the other capitals. Ultron made a broadcast telling everyone to be non-violent. Or else.

Hunt: And as far as we can tell, everyone was.

Jones: No kidding, huh? Peace on Earth for a few hours. All it took was the threat of ultimate destruction. Anyway, from what I've been told, SHIELD coordinated hundreds of attacks to happen at the same time.

Hunt: How did that break down?

Jones: The idea was to keep the giant robots engaged and fighting them instead of firing on civilian targets while a taskforce found Ultron and took him down. SHIELD agents split into small groups and fought the various Sentinels. Larger teams made of heroes dealt with the bigger robots. In Moscow, it was the Winter Guard along with members of the Defenders. London had Excalibur and the Rangers. More eclectic groups banded together in DC and Paris. China, believe it or not, managed to bring Godzilla in to fight Ultimo. While they handled that, I'm told a taskforce of Avengers, X-Men...

Hunt: X-Men. The mutant terrorists?

Jones: Mutant HEROES. They just saved the life of most of the planet, buddy, and don't you forgot it! Anyway, a taskforce of Avengers, X-Men, X-Factor, and FF members found Ultron and took that robotic jerk down. After that, the robots that weren't destroyed shut down on their own.

Hunt: And there you have it, folks. Thanks, Rick, for your insight into this massive event.

Jones: No problem, Jeff. Thanks for having me. Its always fun.

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