NEWS - PSA Attacks Mall

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<Oklahoma City> Shoppers at the Thank God for Capitalism shopping mall in Oklahoma City were startled today as a band of costumed villains calling themselves the PSA attempted to rob the entire mall. The PSA's attempted robbery was foiled by the arrival of the Rangers, the southwest's premiere superhero team. The fight was over quickly, with the PSA rounded up and arrested.

According to a press release carried by a member of the PSA, the members of the villanous team are: Dust Dragon: A strange being who "eats" dusts and can trigger allergies.

Conservator: A believer in animal rights with access to advanced technology.

Eques: A winged centaur.

The Myth Monster: A strange being who requires others to believe his lies to live.

Prodigy: An alien who once tried to impregnate every unwed teenage girl in the United States.

Smokescreen: Capable of generating screens of noxious, foul smelling smoke.

Vapora: A humanoid cloud of sentient gasoline vapor.

The statement did not reveal what the initials PSA stood for.

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