NEWS - Outrage in Mutant Town

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08/10/12 13:00



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Mutant Protestors were demonstrating the violation of basic civil rights by the government today as they picketed the mutant registration center in lower hell's kitchen. The demonstration turned violent when police attempted to disband the unlicensed assembly.

Thirteen mutants and 3 officers were injured in the conflict. Four arrests were made, each charged with assaulting police officers. The demonstrators were routed.

Precinct X's Lt. Merryweather believes further uprisings are likely in the near future and warns people to stay indoors and to avoid any demonstrations they might see, rather than involving themselves in what could become dangerous situations. Lt. Merryweather also reiterated that it is everyone's right to assemble, as guaranteed by the Constitution, but that said assemblies must be peaceful, and proper permits must be applied for and approved, especially important when those protests may interfere with others' free movement or travel. He has strongly urged protestors to remain peaceful in their demonstrations, and allow their words to be heard over their actions.

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