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Showstopper, Havok and Mirage

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01/03/2013 09:00

X-Factor Medbay

Richenda comes to check on Dani and to tell her about Illyana being back

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==[ Medical Level - X-Factor Tower/Ship ]==

This large room is totally white from the ceilings, to the walls, and to the floors. The middle of the room is filled with many medic beds of all sizes and shapes. Each is covered in white sheets with a white pillow. Along the walls, many cabinets, drawers, and tables are found. Located all over are medical equipment of all sorts and of the utmost quality and very advanced for its time. Anything from a stethoscope to a heart monitor is located throughout. Several monitoring devices, IV's, medicines, antibiotics, and other such chemicals and the like are also located in different types places. Along the wall, hanging up, are several containment suits to allow medical attention when exposure to the patient is harmful. Also fire suppression gear as well as climate control is through the medical area. The door is air-locked and can be completely sealed off if the need ever arise and unable to be opened unless from the outside.

There are offices linked from this room as well as medical isolation/quarantine and ICU suites. There is even a surgical suite with four bays.

The main thing to consider in this environment is the holographic/hard light staff that serve to maintain the health of Ship's occupants. The staff are skilled and knowledgeable in all things medical, research, and life science and usurp the need for actual human personnel when treating patients.


It's mid-morning, and after spending the night...again... in medbay after the latest X-Factor mission, Dani is getting a last examination from the holographic doctor that lurks in medbay. She sits on one of the beds, legs dangling over the edge, dressed in nothing more than a tank top and running shorts. One arm is extended and the doctor examines it a moment, bending it, etc before moving on to the midsection. Apparently he hits a ticklish spot because she starts suddenly when he presses fingers into her side.

The door into the medbay is darkened by a shadow... of a head, exactly when a tanned face framed by dark hair peeks into the room. Chenda winces in sympathy when Dani flinches under the doctor's touch, and knocks on the door to interrupt all the touching. "'Scuse me, are visiting hours open?" she asks with a smile, and a quick wink at her friend.

Looking up from the doctor prodding at her mid-section Dani waves Chenda in "Morning." her brow furrows a bit, "Shouldn't you be in class right now? Or is this a free morning." with the new semester having started yesterday she isn't up to date any everyone's class schedules yet.

Chenda doesn't turn a hair at the mention of school. "Free morning. Some of the new kids are still getting everything set up, and with one of the big wheels absent Jean needed the extra time, so my only morning class got poofed for today," she explains, and steps inside, faint nervousness betraying itself in body tension, and white knuckles clasping the small bag she's got with her. After all, the doc never did say if visitors were allowed. Still, she'll stay 'til she's bodily thrown out. "How are you feeling? Aside from being a little tender in the tummy area?"

Moments later, the swish of the elevator door announces the arrival of Alex Summers to the environment. He's wearing his combat boots, black cargo pants, and gold belt. However he carries his black uniform shirt with his chest exposed for all to see.

A duty holo-nurse is nearby as he enters and he addresses her before even bothering to look around the room, "Hey Jane, can you help me out - yesterday's encounter left me a bit tender all around here." With a wave of his hand over his chest, he indicates where he hurts. The skin is reddened as if he took a few energy blasts to his chest - which he did.

Alex and the nurse are removed from the immediate area of Chenda and Dani. Within earshot and view, just separate.

Jane responds, "Of course, Havok - one moment and I'll retrieve a salve."

Dani gives a brief nod at the explanation from Chenda, not quite beleiving it, but let's it pass for now. "Better than I expected to be this soon." her gaze moves from Chenda to Alex as he enters but doesn't interrupt his own reason for being here with a verbal greeting, just a brief waggle of her fingers in acknowledgement. "Sp spill it. Why the visit?" she asks, a brow arching upward as she notes the girls nervousness.

Holo-Jane departs to retrieve the salve which gives Alex time to glance around, smile to the offered wave from Dani, and then meander over. He's not going to interrupt or interject some non sequitor nonsense that would just add a third conversation to the already engaged ladies. Instead, he will move to the other side of Dani's area and listen in. If greeted, he'll just nod.

There's no way Chenda could miss Alex's entrance, and she spares him a glance and a wave. "That's good news," she replies, turning her attention back to her friend.
But the question makes her blink. "I can't just be worried? I mean, you've been spending a lot of time in medbays over the last couple months. I still remember how long the last wound bothered you, too."

"You can be as worried as you like, but it doesn't call for an hour long drive when a phone call will work." Dani explains as the holodoc moves around to prod her other side which causes her to wince.

"Another hour in the Regen should take care of the last of the muscle tears." the doctor speaks up "After that you will be clear for duty." with that the doctor wanders off to file the medical reports.

"Thanks." Dani says in an aside to the doctor, before focusing on Chenda once more "What was worth the rush hour traffic to tell me?

Alex listens, smirks and before he can speak notices Holo-Jane waving to him from across the room. He leaves the girls to continue their chat and moves away to meet with Holo-Jane who will lead him to a private-ish area to apply the salve. <pay no attention to the man and holo-nurse behind the curtain>

Good point. Chenda blushes. "It's not like I don't need the driving practice. But you're right, there is something I thought you'd want to know, and I didn't want to tell you over the phone. Cessily and I got an accidental visit from Magik... and I think we're going to be seeing her again before too long."

"Illyana?!" Dani questions, the surprise in her voice making the name carry throughout the medbay area "Wait..." her tone changes to a more skeptical one "What do you mean accidental? Was she sent back to the school by some other power or was her aim just off?"

"Illyana," Chenda confirms, nodding. "And I think her aim was off. She teleported into the game room in the Girls' Dorm and asked where she was, once everybody got over the surprise. Well, Cess and me, anyway. She was talking like she was trying to refine where she popped up, but I don't know where she was trying to get to, and she didn't say."

The curtain remains drawn, though Alex is interested in hearing the details of Illyana. He knows it can come later when Dani isn't so involved.

A thoughtful look comes to Dani's face "Well that's better than her showing up because she was expelled from Limbo...or where ever dimension she staying." though that brings up a worried look "Things that happen there have a tendency to spill over it our dimension in weird ways. Perhaps another scouting trip is in order."

"I don't think she was. She mentioned being a queen," Chenda says. "I'm a little worried about what'll happen to Cess next time she comes around, though. They didn't exactly hit it off," she adds, wincing.

"She is, in a way. Though I don't think it follows the same rules as here." a breif shrugging of the shoulders is followed by a chuckle at the younger girl's worry "It can't be any worse than the personality conflicts that there is already going at the school.

"I dunno... Cess would've done something bad to her if I hadn't stopped her." Chenda glances at the door doubtfully, as if expecting sounds of fighting to come from outside any second, despite the fact that Mercury is an hour's drive away. "And Illyana /did/ cast a spell on her on her way out the portal, but I don't think it took. Nothing happened then, and I haven't noticed anything bad happening since, but it's got me wondering what she'll do when she finds out."

Knowing both of the girls in question, it is really no surprise to Dani that it went that far "You mean Cess would have /tried/ to do something bad." she waves it off for now, making a mental note to bring it up later to the girls in question "You mentioned she will be returning? Did she say when?

"Maybe I think that now, but I sure didn't at the time," Chenda replies, grimacing at the memory. "Cess wanted to hurt her, and she wanted /me/ to hurt her. I guess I can't blame her for the mistrust, though. Illyana was rocking a 'majorly evil enchantress' look, even if her hair's the wrong color for it." She glances at the door again. "She didn't say when, or if, but since she sounded so much like she was trying to find someplace, I figured it might be any time, then. I'm surprised I haven't seen her again."

After happy salve time, Alex emerges from behind the curtain wearing his uniform top and covering his tender chest. He will smile to the girls and departs the room. He'll catch up with Dani later.

Dani doesn't feel the need to tell Chenda that at times Illyana has been a majorly evil enchantress. There are somethings the girl is just better of not knowing. She glances back to the door as Chenda looks back to it and gives another wave as Alex departs, "I'm sure if Illyana had come through the front door like a normal person it would have been a different situation.

"Probably. I hope she still /does/ front doors. Those can be knocked on." Chenda follows Dani's gaze and waves casually to Alex as he steps out. Turning back, she steps over to the bed and hugs Dani. "I've got to get back for lunch. Hope the regenerator session goes well, Miss Moonstar. We're missing you at school."

She sets the little bag she's carrying on the bed. "Oh, these were supposed to be for Christmas, but the shop had to back order 'em. Today was the first chance I had to pick 'em up. Here, just in case you have to stay overnight for observation." She steps back, bows her head respectfully, and slips out, narrowly dodging a collision with another holo-nurse heading this way.

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