NEWS - Note From Black Cat

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10/10/12 08:12


Now Magazine Spider-man Exclusive

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NOW Magazine interviews continued:
We received this note, addressed to NOW, allegedly from the Black Cat. We have run it unedited. You make up your own mind whether it's the real item or not.

NOW Magazine staff,
I heard that you're putting an issue about Spider-Man together and I wanted to get my two cents in. We've had our share of adventures together, much more than that rag the Daily Bugle has reported on. Spider is a hero through and through. He deserves all the praise given him and only a little of the criticism. Many times over, he has saved my life, from such foes as Doc Ock and that fat guy of crime, the Kingpin. He's set me straight, or as straight as I can be set.

Thanks for the good times, Spider.

Black Cat

The letter was imprinted with a cat's paw under the signature.

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