NEWS - Mutant Outrage Voiced

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08/10/12 12:30



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MeTube and other internet media sources were deluged with opinions on both sides of the mutant dilemma regarding the Government conspiracy and the Neverland Mutant Concentration camp recently destroyed. Such comments from sources known and unknown litter the interwebs;

"Mutants should have the same rights and privileges bestowed flatscan humans."

"Mutants are people too!"

"Leave Brittany Alone! Leave her Alone! She's done nobody any harm even if she is a mutant! Leave Brittany Alone!"

"There should be a huge hole dug in the south Pacific and all the mutants tossed into it."

"Mutants are the corruption of God's perfect creation, humanity. They are an abomination and should be burned in a great Holy pyre so that God may cast them down in to the pits of Hell itself."

"The United States government is filled with racist bigots that want nothing more than to purge their Holy Republican Empire of what they consider a threat and a danger to the /white/ man. It's nothing more than what we saw in the 50s and 60s with the oppression of the black man. The government always wants to keep us down so we don't threaten their livelihood and fatcat politician positions."

"Neverland Ranch should have never happened. Let Michael rest in peace. We all know he was Wakko Jakko, but come on, leave him alone, he wasn't a mutant."

"Like the Concentration Camps of Nazi Germany and the oppression of the Jewish people, the United States has decided to make the Mutant the new Jew, the Irishman, and the Black man. Hitler had it right - he knew that if he could get a people to unite against a common enemy, then he would rise to power. Political leaders and politicians learned from Hitler's example, they have made mutants into monsters, and driven the people against them. It wasn't a hard task, because mutants are 'different', but it's just another example of hatred made manifest."

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