NEWS - Mutant Concentration Camp

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08/10/12 09:00



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Just 13 hours ago a video was posted on MeTube entitled "Mutant Concentration Camp". At the time of our original broadcast of this clip, the video had already accumulated 1 million views and has gone viral.

The video itself depicts a metahuman (likely mutant) tactical strike team breaching the walls of what appears to be a prison. Overhead images show the descent of the team in some sort of aircraft while prison guards, red and silver robots, and the giant Sentinel Robots are seen moving toward the 'front' of the prison. A brief glance from the camera displays a large figure engaged with the prison troops.

The footage seems to be captured from a small camera lens attached to the head gear of what has been determined as the leader of the strike team. None of the members of this team have been identified as any capture of their likeness has been blurred out with sophisticated equipment and our techs are unable to clear the images up. Voices have also been modified from the original. Sound however is present and filled with the sounds of combat.

Upon landing within the prison compound, the team breeched the security and assault a large electronic system that experts note as being a 'mutant power suppression device - like those used in Genosha before the fall'. Once this was done, the camera then observes as the prisoners seem to riot and engage their captors as well as flee the breech points of the prison.

Many mutants were identified in the video. Many of those identified were suspects apprehended by local, state, and national law enforcement departments - including the team X-Factor.

The video continues to show the extraction of several mutants, conflict with guards, and even a heated discussion with the mutant identified as Mentallo. A discussion demonstrating that Mentallo had modified many of the prisoner's minds to be subservient to the 'Director'. The director has yet to be identified as it's assumed he (or she) eluded capture.

The video ends with the team leader walking toward the main gate, robots, Sentinels, and various guards were seen splayed out unconscious or deactivated.

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