NEWS - Murder in Subway Terminal

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Beneath the quiet borough of Alphabet City, CPA, Stanley Mathesson was about to board the B train for his morning commute when his life was suddenly and abruptly taken.

Witnesses report that Stanley's quiet life was ended by an unknown shadowy assailant whom they suspect as metahuman due to his ability to project a black inky substance which penetrated the left eye of Mr Mathesson and subsequently his brain.

Police arrived on the scene shortly after and began their investigation. Within 20 minutes, the Black Panther was seen speaking with the lead detective (Det. David Thorp, Special Crimes Unit). It is unknown what information was exchanged, however sources say that Mathesson may have been tied to organized crime.

Further information on the assailant has yet to be uncovered. Police are still investigating. It is known that cameras focused on the area of incident were deactivated remotely.

Mathesson was survived by an ex wife of 10 years (Grace Mahoney) and a goldfish named Sparky.

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