NEWS - Manhattan Under Seige Day 2

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<< From outside the city, a television broadcast tells the nation what has passed in the city of Manhattan. >>

"Day two has drawn to a close as the city of Manhattan has endured another day of attack by the shadow army. The majority of citizens have been evacuated, taken shelter in their homes, or have moved to one of the public safe-havens that have been established by the city's authorities."

"The entities that have been attacking the city seem to have changed tactics, no longer striking out on their own they have been gathering in masses more and more numerous. Today they attacked in an organized fashion, overrunning Bellevue as well as the 18th Street Subway safe haven."

"The city's heroes have not been idle, here is video captured today of Thor battling amongst the creatures, as well as being aided by numerous other heroes. The battle for Manhattan, however, still hangs in the balance."

"Please be advised, do not try to enter the island of Manhattan, all access has been forbidden. A state of martial law has been declared. And if you are on the island, godspeed to you, and good luck."

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