NEWS - Manhattan Attacked

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07/21/12 08:00



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<< A repeating news broadcast on all channels. >>

A news broadcaster is on the screen, harried, frazzled, the news room behind him is a mess with desks overturned, a fire flickering unchecked, and the fallen form of a person barely able to be seen slumped over a desk. He clasps a hand to his ear as his eyes remain lowered while he reads a piece of paper to the camera, clearly not someone who normally addresses a camera.
"I repeat, the island of Manhattan is under attack. If you are in shelter remain there, if you are not in a secure location try to make your way to these designated support locations. Bronx-Lebanon Hospital, Brooklyn Hospital, Bellevue, Mount Sinai, 4th Street station, Central Park Station, and 168th street station."

"If you are unable to make it to one of these safe havens please avoid confronting any of the shadow creatures. If you are in a location you believe to be secure and one of the portals appear you must vacate the premises immediately. If one of the possessed confronts you do not try to reason with them, they no longer are the individuals you once knew."
"Again, at 14:24 eastern time, the 20th of June the island of Manhattan has been attacked by otherworldly creatures. The death toll currently is, we fear, in the hundreds, the damage in the billions. The city's heroes are doing what they can creating pockets of resistance. The National Guard has been mobilized. The Brooklyn Bridge, George Washington Bridge, and the East River tunnel have been closed. Please take shelter, avoid making phone calls. Order will be restored as soon as possible. Thank you, and God bless."

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