NEWS - Loki Attacks Coney Island Amusement Park

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This afternoon, reports came in of Loki, God of Mischief, causing havoc at the Coney Island kids' amusement park. Reports vary as to how it started, however a ride collapsed abruptly and he was seen tipping it over not long after, in the presence of two as-yet unidentified people.

*video of Loki, with Armand and Takara nearby. Bad Cellphone Footage*

Not long after that, police arrived to quell the situation when the God of Mischief attacked them, as well as apprehending a nearby woman leaving the lavatory.
*Another image of a shocked Tanya exiting a porta potty and being grabbed, and thus dragged behind Loki by the God himself as he rushed towards one of the officers holding Takara. There was also visibly a Raven trying to put itself between his fist and the officer.

A Code blue was announced not long after as the situation escalated, whereas the apprehended woman suddenly transformed into an armored super hero not yet identified. Shots were fired liberally as Loki attemped to attack the officers with another Roller coaster. Eyewitnesses report that there was also some loose electrical cabling that injurd one officer and the young man... woman... sorry, standing near Loki. The situation diffused with the God departing abruptly, with credit going towards the unidentified super hero woman for talking Loki into departing. The young man, seen before in loki's presence, was taken to the hospital under guard, and the other woman questioned and released.

The park is currently closed for repairs.

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