NEWS - Jack's Pub Goes Wet 'n Wild

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Jack's Pub goes wet 'n wild.

An early evening gathering of rocker Mick Drago and Avenger Bill Baker Jack's Pub was interrupted quite violently by an assailent disguised as a waiter. As the members of the budding bromance, that tabloids are starting to label Drake n Bake, were talking the waiter approached offering refills. And then proceeded to attack Drago with a jet of water coming from his hand.

The false waiter was identified as Morris Bench, otherwise known as Hydro-man.

Witness accounts state that Sandman engaged Hydro-man in battle in an apparent effort to keep him away from Drago who seemed to have been caught offguard by the initial attack. As Sandman distracted Hydro-man, Drago ran into the kitchen and recruited the assistance of former army service-man Eathan Sergeo to go back out to the dining area and proceed in what the now dishwasher for the pub jokingly called 'Operation Bounty' (Throwing paper towels at Hydro-Man) in order to assist Sandman with the fight.

Hydro-Man fled from the scene. Sandman left as well.

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