NEWS - Interview with Thomas Fireheart

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10/10/12 08:03


Now Magazine Spider-man Exclusive

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NOW Magazine interviews continued:
"Spider-Man is a hero! Now that the obligatory initial statement is out of the way, I'll go into detail about why the man known as Spider-Man should be considered a hero. First, I'll let his accomplishments speak for themselves. "He recently let himself be accused of a burglary so that a money launderer for the Maggia would be discovered and prosecuted.
"He valiantly fought and defeated the villainess, Titania, when she was threatening the Daily Bugle staff. "He has continually involved himself in the gang wars that occasionally threaten this city, always working towards a swift and bloodless resolution of problems.
"His participation was integral to the discovery and capture of the criminal known as the Sin-Eater. Without Spider-Man's help, that villain would still be out on the streets and the public would have believed that Emil Gregg was the killer, instead of being discovered as an ill individual, a crime confessor.
"Spider-Man continually puts his life on the line battling villains for what he believes is right. Against such foes as Venom, Sabretooth, the Hobgoblin, and the Sinister Six, his life truly is on the line every second of the confrontation. What more can you ask of a man, any man?
"I have the greatest respect for Spider-Man. He truly strives to do the best that he can, and I respect him for that striving."

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