NEWS - Interview with the Fantastic Four

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10/10/12 08:05


Now Magazine Spider-man Exclusive

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NOW Magazine interviews continued:
Spider-Man has often worked with the Fantastic Four over the years, especially with Johnny Storm, the Human Torch. The team allowed this reporter to visit their headquarters, where this interview was conducted.

Q.: "Johnny Storm, according to my records, you used to have a somewhat adversarial relationship with Spider- Man. Could you comment on what has changed?"
A.: "It's true that we fought in the past, but it was never anything big. Once we even argued over the fact that he was flirting with my girlfriend at the time, Doris Evans. But when the Beetle kidnapped her, we teamed up and took that clown out."

Q.: "What was your most memorable adventure together?"
A.: "It has to be the time he and the Frightful Four attacked me at the Baxter Building. I knew he was being controlled, because Spidey usually moves like nobody's business, but he was out of it. During the fight, he was clumsy and stiff, and that gave it away. I snapped him out of it and we beat the bad guys, easily."

Q.: "What do you think of the webslinger on a personal level?"
A.: "Ah, he's an okay guy, a bit full of himself but generally trustworthy. I'd be willing to fight alongside him any time."

Q.: "So you know who he really is?"
A.: Laughing "Nice try, but no I don't. From his extroverted manner, I'd guess that he might be some sort of public figure, an actor or politician- well, maybe not a politician."
At this point in the interview, Ben Grimm, the Thing, enters the room. "G'wan, squirt. Stretcho wants your help for a new experiment of his. I'll take over here for now."

Q.: "We were just talking about the subject of Spider-Man's secret identity. Do you have any guesses?"
A.: "Ya, I'd say it's that publisher of the Daily Bugle, Jameson. I figure if he's protests so much, he's got somethin' to hide. Can ya think of a better way to hide his identity than behind the strength of years of anti- Spider-Man editorials? If I remember right, Jameson has been running these things since Web-head's first appearance. Coincidental or not, I'll leave that up ta you ..."

Q.: "Can you recall a memorable adventure with Spider-Man?"
A.: "There was the time that Spidey teamed up with Ghost Rider, Wolverine, and the Hulk to help us beat a Skrull with delusions of grandeur. What a crew that was, battlin' away in a huge cavern, against thousands of subterranean creatures and giant monsters. What a time we had! Too bad I couldn't get a swing in on the Hulk, though. I owe him a few lumps."

Q.: "What is Spider-Man's strongest suit?"
A.: "Usually clubs, king high. Aw, just kidding. Spidey just doesn't give up, even when the odds are against him. I can admire that in a guy." Reed and Sue Richards now enter the room.
"Ben, Johnny left the experiment mumbling about a surprise. Do you know anything about this?"
"The matchstick must be settin' up another practical joke. Better go stop him before he does something to get me really mad."
As the Thing leaves, the premier super hero couple settles down for the moment.

Q.: "I might as well ask you the same question, have you any guesses on Spider-Man's secret identity?"
A.: Reed: "I'm sure that if I devoted some time to the subject of discovering Spider-Man's true identity, it wouldn't be much of a difficulty. However, I respect the man enough that I wouldn't delve into his personal affairs any more than I would wish him to delve into mine."
Sue: "He's such a sweet man. I'm sure he has a reason for keeping his identity a secret from the public. Besides, if we knew, do you think we would tell you or any other reporter?"

Q.: "Probably not. Mr. Richards, what is your assessment of Spider-Man's powers?"
A.: "Spider-Man has an interesting assemblage of powers. Once again, we're approaching the edges of privileged information. Let it suffice to say that I believe Spider-Man to be relatively unique in the world."

Q.: "Mrs. Richards, what is your most memorable encounter with Spider- Man?"
A.: "Some gangsters had captured my son, to use him as a hostage. They forced me to rob a bank and bring them the money. Somehow-it may be one of his powers, who knows-Spider- Man discovered the problem and offered his services.
He came up with a risky plan, with most of the risk being shouldered by him, all to save my son. Obviously, we were successful, as Franklin is quite alive and healthy to this day. There isn't a greater compliment to give than that I trusted him with the life of my son. Spider-Man shall always have my undying gratitude for his part in Franklin's rescue."
With that, there came a loud crash in another room.
Reed: "It appears that Ben and Johnny are up to their old tricks again. If there is anything else you'd like from us, please give us a call later. As it is, we have to go break up another brawl before it gets out of hand and spills into my laboratory."

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