NEWS - Interview with the Avengers

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Now Magazine Spider-man Exclusive

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NOW Magazine interviews continued:
The Avengers have graciously accepted this reporter's request for interviews with several members who know the mysterious web-slinger best. First up is Jarvis, the caretaker of Avengers Mansion.

Q.: "What is your opinion of Spider- Man?"
A.: "Spider-Man usually keeps his own counsel up on the walls and ceiling. His flippant attitude belies a man of great courage as documented in his adventures with the Avengers throughout the years.
"I do wish he'd be more careful about where he puts his feet however, especially after we have experienced inclement weather. Cleaning wet or muddy footprints off the wall and ceiling can prove tiresome for a man of my age.
The next person this reporter had the privilege to speak to was Captain America. The sentinel of liberty has worked with Spider-Man a few times in the past and has some definite opinions about him.

Q.: "What is it like working with Spider-Man?"
A.: "The youngster has all the right stuff but needs to be more serious when it comes to performance on missions. He has to learn that when we go out together, each member has to be able to count on the others. If that element of trust isn't there, then a second's hesitation could cause the injury or death of a friend and ally. I'm not saying Spider-Man is careless, but I wish he would be a little less flippant. "However, a strength of his is the depth of his commitment to the battle against injustice. Spider-Man has never hesitated to answer a call to arms against evil in all its guises. Without his valiant aid, the universe might be in thrall to a being known as Thanos to this day.
"When he is called as an Avenger, he has always acquitted himself with poise and courage. I'm proud to call him a teammate and friend."

Janet Van Dyne, also known as the Wasp, was the next Avenger questioned.

Q.: "What is your opinion of Spider- Man?"
A.: "You know, the wasp and spider are instinctive enemies, but I've had nothing but good experiences with Spider-Man. From the time we stopped Equinox together to his work with the Avengers, he's done well in combat and has always heeded my advice when I've offered it."

This reporter also spoke with the Black Widow about NYC's most controversial "spider."

Q.: "Have you worked with Spider- Man often, and if so, what comments do you have to say about him?"
A.: "Spider-Man and I have met more than once and I've found him to an accomplished fighter and competent ally. His methods aren't the most professional I've ever seen and I doubt that he'd last in any sort of formal organization for more than a short while. For short missions, however, there aren't too many other people I'd want at my side.

This reporter also spoke with the "god of thunder," Thor.

Q.: "Thank you for allowing me to ask a question of you. What is your opinion of Spider-Man?"
A.: "The son of Odin doth proclaim Spider-Man as a most valiant and honorable comrade, one always welcome to serve by my side, regardless of the dangers to be faced. His humor in the face of peril is most heartening to the heart of a warrior-his droll manner doth belie a noble and worthy heart. Whilst battling the deadly foe, Nebula, in the recent past, the bold arachnid proved his mettle yet again, throwing himself into vast dangers for the good of all Midgard Earth.
"Verily, Spider-Man shouldst be praised for his work on Midgard- Earth."

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