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10/10/12 08:02


NOW Magazine Spider-man Exclusive

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NOW Magazine interviews continued:
Behind a plexiglass screen sits one of the most wanted men in America today-Frank Castle, better known to the public as the Punisher. He has been captured by New York authorities and is now incarcerated in Ryker's Island Prison to serve 30 years on three manslaughter charges. This interview was conducted through a telephone with four guards present at all times, two in my room, two in his.

Q.: "Do you consider Spider-Man to be an ally or adversary?"
A.: "When his goal and mine are similar, we're allies. If he stands in the way of me completing my mission, he gets treated the same as anyone else who tries to stop me."

Q.: "Does that mean that you would shoot him?"
A.: "If he attempted to stop me or got in my way, yes. However, if I had the time, I'd probably aim to disable, not to kill. Spider-Man does bring criminals to justice, even if he is soft on them."

Q.: "What is your opinion of Spider- Man?"
A.: "He's a do-gooder who needs to be hardened in his battle against crime. He's also naive in believing that this country's system is capable of correctly dealing with the criminals that he brings to it. A more permanent solution is necessary for the hardened criminals that we deal with."

Q.: "What adventures have the two of you shared?"
A.: "Most of the times we've been associated have involved the criminal gangs of New York City.
Trying to bring down such highpowered criminal overlords as Hammerhead, the Kingpin of Crime and other similar, but weaker, criminals, such as Jigsaw. I can't go into detail about these or any of my missions as that would jeopardize any future activities I may take."

Q.: "Would you care to guess his secret identity?"
A.: "No. I haven't done any investigation on that subject, so I have no idea. If he was in the position to jeopardize me, then that would present me with cause to pursue the matter, but up until that point, there is no reason to inquire."
Just before being led back to his cell, Castle fixes me with a deep, nononsense stare and slowly intones, "If you do decide to publish this, tell Spider-Man not to give up and to keep up the good fight. There are still innocents out there that need protection." Haunted by those eyes, this reporter decided to follow the Punisher's advice and print this postscript to the interview.
A note to our readers-since the time of this interview, Frank Castle has seemingly accomplished the impossible and has escaped from Ryker's Island prison. We made the decision to run this story as written.

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