NEWS - Interview with J.J. Jameson

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10/10/12 08:01


Now Magazine Spider-man Exclusive

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NOW Magazine interviews continued:
"Spider-Man is a menace! I've been saying so for years and I fully intend to continue saying so until he is exposed for the criminal that he is. Not only does he flaunt the notion of justice in this country and our beloved city by operating as a costumed vigilante outside the law, he also has insulted this paper's integrity time and time again.
"Starting with trying to upstage my son during his first space mission up to his involvement with all the recent gang wars, Spider-Man has been mixed up in underworld affairs. He has even been seen in the company of the selfproclaimed vigilante, the Punisher. Eyewitness accounts support the shocking news that Spider-Man actively collaborated with the coldblooded mercenary.
"The webbed menace also has a lot of explaining to do. Spider-Man has been implicated in the death of that sweet girl, Gwen Stacy, and the injury of countless citizens of New York City. He should be brought to justice, unmasked, and made to pay for his crimes like any other citizen would. If any other person were even a witness to gunshots, they would be taken downtown and interviewed. How much more does this vigilante have to do before the police are convinced that he is the menace that I've always said he's been?
"I suggest that every decent citizen in this city watch out for costumed adventurers and report any out of the ordinary actions of any of them, especially if Spider-Man takes any illegal actions!"

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