NEWS - Interview with Flash Thompson

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NOW Magazine Spider-man Exclusive

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Joy Mercado here, bringing you the news you want to read NOW Magazine. This issue's insert investigates the myth and attempts to uncover the reality of one of this city's longest resident super heroes, Spider-Man. We're presenting interviews and two editorials on the subject, so you be the judge. Is Spider- Man the hero many people claim or is he just another super-powered menace plaguing the city of New York? We start with an interview with Flash Thompson, a man who has met Spider- Man on more than one occasion. Flash Thompson

Q.: "How did you first become involved with Spider-Man?"
A.: "You know, I was the founding member of his fan club," begins "Flash" Thompson, a long-time admirer of Spider-Man. "Even with the whole Hobgoblin affair, I knew that he wouldn't let me down."
The affair that Mr. Thompson to which is referring is the situation he found himself accused of being the super-powered criminal known as the Hobgoblin. Thompson was framed by the real Hobgoblin and was incarcerated for a time. Still, though it was Spider-Man who brought him to the police, Flash harbors no resentment.
"I've always had faith in Spidey. I've never doubted that he was a hero. And it worked out okay in the end, as I was cleared of the charges."

Q.: "What did you think of Spider- Man when you first saw him?"
A.: "It was in one of the classrooms at Midtown High School when I first saw him. He fought the Sandman, for the first time I think, and Spidey was just awesome. He finally captured the Sandman in an industrial strength vacuum. Proves that Spidey has brains to go along with everything else he's got going for him."
Through the years, Thompson has been a staunch supporter of the mysterious hero, even when Spider- Man was wanted in connection with the death of his former girlfriend, Gwen Stacy.

Q.: "What led you to believe in Spider-Man's innocence?"
A.: "I just know, down deep, that Spidey would never hurt anyone who didn't deserve it, so I always knew that Spidey didn't kill Gwen. He's too good a person."
Thompson spent time in the Middle East conflicts and, while in that country, he encountered a group of priests known as the Monks of the Hidden Temple. Because of confused communication between the military and the natives, the monks' temple was destroyed and Thompson was blamed. A price was put on his head by the surviving natives. Upon his return to the United States, Thompson's and Spider-Man's paths crossed again when he needed help against the natives, who had followed Thompson across the ocean.

Q.: "Can you tell us what happened?"
A.: "This is a part of my past that I'm not too proud of, because I couldn't save those poor monks from being killed. I tried to tell them that they were going to be bombed, but no one would listen to me.
"Back in the U.S., I was captured by a group of fanatic natives who had put the price on my head. Spider-Man and some magician swooped in just in time to save my head from being separated from my body. Spidey must have remembered me from back in high school when I started his first fan club."

Q.: "And wasn't that about the time you met Sha Shan?"
A.: "That's a subject I don't want to talk about."
Recently, Thompson had another encounter with the topic of this issue, Spider-Man. Thompson was injured during a battle with the villain known as the Tarantula while valiantly helping his hero. Here, he recaps the situation.
"Spidey was in this building fighting the Tarantula when I overheard the head SWAT guy tell his men that they were going to storm the building soon, with guns blazing. I went inside to warn Spidey about the incoming gunfire, but I got mixed up with the fight. I mean, if I can do something to help, I have to do it. I ended up being kicked from behind by that creep, the Tarantula. Luckily, Spider-Man was able to stop him before he did more than drug me. Again, I owe my life to him."
Thompson's final words on the subject of Spider-Man: "Spidey has always done what was right, even if that means he'd get hurt. I guess that's the biggest lesson I've learned from him over the years."

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