NEWS - High Speed Chase Ends

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A high speed chase just after dusk ended in four successful arrests of bank robbers. Police cruisers chased the getaway vehicle as it entered Central Park just after seven pm, damaging local flora. Several civillians in the area were almost hurt, but official reports say that no lasting injuries occured. A police Dashcam though did catch sight of an as-yet unidentified superheroine who assisted with the takedown of two of the four men.

*cut to police dashcam camera. The car was at a standstill, an odd liquid silver glimmering on the hood and gradually running off and out of sight. THen across the camera's vision a black, shaggy horse darted with a black clothed figure on it wielding a sword, running down one of the bank robbers. Then a man rushes into the camera view, kneeling in front of the vehicle at something there for several minutes The horse and rider come back after a few, as the man turns and departs in a hurry.

Suddenly, a silvery skinned woman stood into view, shoeless right in front of the cruisers' hood, joined by another young woman with a blindfold and cane. They speak a moment, the sound not working on this camera, before turning and approaching the rider, who helps them both onto the horse before all three trot off and out of sight of the camera.

"Police are asking for witnesses to come forwards for questioning, as well as the super heroine herself. Some think that this is the same masked rider who was seen when the god Loki disrupted a ride at Coney Island this summer."

*close up of a freeze-frame of the rider's face, the mongol helmet hiding some of her features, and a black cloth mask the rest under it.

"Questions and tips can be phoned into the police tip hotline at ***-***-****.

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