NEWS - Havok's Address to the Nation

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08/10/12 10:00



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Early Morning: Before a gathering of the media, Havok, leader of X-Factor, came forward with a readied statement.

"I, Havok of X-Factor, hereby take full responsibility for the actions of my team against mutants, criminal or otherwise, that resulted in the confinement of said mutants in the Neverland Concentration Camp formerly located in Northern Canada. It should be known that we, the team of X-Factor, were not privy to the inner workings of the government agency, X-Factor Organization, or XFO. We were not aware that mutants were being sent to a concentration camp to be experimented upon and used to further the government's goals. I understand however that this is no excuse. Ignorance is no excuse. For this, I apologize to my mutant brothers and sisters for the wrongs I and my team committed against you. It also should be known that steps have been taken to expose the inner workings of the XFO and bring justice against those who compromised basic civil rights. A senate committee is now being formed to address those crimes and see that those offenders will be brought to justice. Let it be known; The atrocities against mutant kind by the government will no longer be tolerated. Thank you for your time."

Numerous questions were posed as Havok stepped from the podium. All were ignored except one, "Did you lead the strike team against the mutant concentration camp, Neverland?" Havok's looked directly at the reporter and smiled only to say, 'no comment' before disappearing behind the curtain and departing.

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