NEWS - Grizzly Murder Baffles Police

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Atlantic City; 7:54am.

Maria Enriquia Fillipia St Escobar de Rocha serves as custodial staff with the Atlantic City casino, The Royale. She was performing her normal duties around the poolside at 6:34am this morning prior to guest arrival and noticed there was a reddish tint to the pool. When she investigated further, she discovered a lifeless body. Mrs. de Rocha did her civic duty and contacted the authorities.

Arriving on the scene, Atlantic City CSI pulled the body from the pool. He was identified as casino owner, Michael Antonio 'Royale' Gambino. Investigators noted deep lacerations inflicted throughout the Mr. Gambino's body.

Further investigation revealed video footage showing Mr. Gambino's lifeless body passing in front of camera views on the exterior of the 10th, 8th, 5th 3rd and 1st floors before hitting the pool below. They discerned that his body was hurled from the top floor - his personal quarters.

This led investigators to examine his room where they discovered fibers of animal hair; later deemed animal hair of an unknown origin, possibly feline. Investigators determined that there was a brief and minor struggle around 4am as they suspect Mr. Gambino was surprised and quickly overpowered by someone far stronger than himself.

It has been discovered that the assailant penetrated Mr. Gambino's apartment through the balcony glass doors (the same doors that Gambino was thrown through) using a very sharp glass cutting implement.

Nothing appears to have been stolen from the apartment, nor was anything else destroyed or violated. Additionally, no cameras were able to capture the assailant nor were there any witnesses to see or hear the apparent struggle or impact with the pool.

Authorities continue to search for answers, motivation, and weapon used in attack. Currently Feral type Mutant involvement is suspected and additional information is needed.

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