NEWS - Giant Spotted at Avengers Mansion

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Last night, this reporter was enjoying a cup of coffee at a nearby shop when the strangest thing happened. A bright glow caught my eye, but I figured... that's the Avengers, things are always happening over there. But when I looked, I noticed a giant glowing.... um... portal disk thing out front of the mansion. Several of the Avengers appeared to be responding to investigate the glowing thing. I recognized Namor and Hercules, but a young girl came out of the sky as well, dressed in orange. If I'm not mistaken, she's been referred to as Ultragirl in recent news stories.
What got my attention the most is a toss up. It was either the white robe wearing woman who came tumbling through the portal onto the Avengers Mansion lawn like she was shot out of a cannon... or the thirty foot tall giant covered with ice and wielding a giant club of ice who followed her. After a brief skirmish with many of the Avengers... including Sandman as well as a woman in white who I didn't recognize from a distance, but eventually the giant was driven back through the portal and lighting bolts streamed out of the sky as if Thor were involved... striking the portal and forcing it to close. It appeared that he left his giant ice club behind. Talk about a trophy!
All I have to say to the Avengers is, thank you for forcing that big guy out of here! And... who was the woman in the robes?

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