NEWS - Giant Robots Attack Cities

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The world fell under the seige of the robotic tyrant known as Ultron, yeterday, as giant robots landed in every capital city on the planet. Ultron, a robotic supervillain originally invented by Doctor Henry Pym of the Avengers, issues an ultimatum: humanity had to stop being violent or be destroyed. For several hours, the world waited for it's leaders and heroes to step up and take action. Finally, they did.

The giant robots assigned to the capitals of the five UN Security Council nations were unique, hundred foot tall behemoths. The robots that landed in the capitals of the world's other nations were thirty foot tall Sentinels, originally designed to hunt and capture mutants. At noon, eastern standard time, coordinated attacks began. In most capital cities, agents of SHIELD were spotted battling Sentinels. In Bejing, Chinese authorities somehow summoned the gigantic, reptillian monster known as Godzilla to battle the robot Ultimo. The struggle ended quickly, with Godzilla ripping Ultimo's head off. In Moscow, the Winter Guard, led by the heroine Darkstar, was joined in battle by members of the American team known as the Defenders. In London, Captain Britian led local team Excalibur against a robot identified as Raydeen. Members of the southwestern American team known as the Rangers provided assistance.

In Paris, an eclectic group of heroes engaged a robot identified as Dangard Ace in battle. This group included Nova of the New Warriors, Israelie superheroine Sabra, Middle Eastern hero Arabian Knight, French hero Docteur Q, the reformed villain known as the Sandman, and American hero the Blue Diamond. Several other, unidentified heroes were also on the scene, as was the supervillain the Beetle.

In Washington DC, the growing hero known as Black Goliath engaged anti-monster robot Red Ronin in hand to hand combat while the mutants Iceman, Archangel and Nightcrawler, midwestern hero Sunflower, teen heroine Ultragirl, and Avengers Black Panther, Falcon, and Arachne provided assistance.

Roughly ten minutes after the coordinated battles began, they stopped. Some robots were destroyed or disabled but others abruptly shut down. Press releases from the Avengers, the White House, and SHIELD indicate that a taskforce made up of members of several superhero teams found and disabled Ultron while the giant robots were under distracted by their comrades.

While any loss is tragic, the amount of destruction, injury, and death was surprisingly light considering the global magnitude of this crisis. No lives were lost in Washington DC or London. Russian authorities list seven killed during the battle in Moscow. Chinese authorities are not releasing statistics on collateral damage due to the battle between Godzilla and Ultimo. Strangely, none of the Sentinels inthe rest of the world did any damage but, rather, seemed to half-heartedly fight the SHIELD agents engaing them. The most damage was done in Paris, with roughly five million dollars of property damage done. However, only three lives were lost. French authorities credit the quick response of the Parisian police and local superhero team Les Heroes de Paris for the low casualty rate.

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