NEWS - Epic Battle in the Park

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Central Park, 6/4/12, 12noon.

AP: Witness reported seeing the arrival of who was initially identified as the super-villain Force. That assumption was quickly addended when the being became completely green hue and displayed aspects of the Juggernaut wearing Loki's horned helmet while carrying Thor's mighty hammer in his right hand. He had a cloak and the trappings of a god while standing a good 7' tall. The being is one of the newest of the Avengers known as the Super Adaptoid.

Upon landing, the Adaptoid challenged the self-proclaimed Asgardian god, Loki and immediately attacked. Loki was sent hundreds of yards away by the mighty blow.

Loki tried to respond but failed in his magical attacks. Another blow came quickly thereafter and Loki was rendered face down in the dirt.

Witnesses then noted a portal to an unfamiliar world was opened and the Adaptoid then told Loki to never return. It was then that the Adaptoid kicked Loki through the portal and subsequently closed it.

Witness report that Loki was accompanied by a young man with long dark hair. Some suggest that the two were having a picnic in the park. One would question whey a self-proclaimed Asgardian god was having a picnic in the park, but he is considered a god of trickery and evil. So it is unknown what he was actually up to.

News agencies are expecting a statement from the Adaptoid or anyone within the Avengers Mansion on the matter at hand.

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