NEWS - Endo Electronics Explosion

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Just days after Endo Electronics' announcement that they had secured ownership of a large multi-building campus on Staten Island and pre-paid the property taxes for five years, that facility was partially devastated by a sizeable explosion that gutted two floors and did significant damage to two others in the building originally slated for their administrative offices.

FDNY representatives report that the explosion was reported by Endo Electronics staff, and that the fire was already out upon their arrival. Building inspectors have stated that the building's structural integrity is largely intact. The incident is under investigation by a joint FDNY/NYPD Arson task force, although at least one source has implied that the Joint Terrorism Task Force is also investigating.

No Endo Electronics personnel are reported as having been injured, although one witness reports that the CEO, Suzanne Endo, may actually have been inside when the explosion went off. Endo Electronics' spokesperson has assured that Ms. Endo is well, and had been called away earlier in the evening to deal with matters of importance overseas. Said spokesperson also insists that this incident will not be allowed to delay the opening of the Endo Electronics campus.

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