NEWS - Ecuadorian Festival Sabotaged

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Following recent world events with robot mayhem, the 28th Annual Ecuadorian Parade and Festival continued forward in full swing to lighten spirits and show pride in Ecuadorian heritage while celebrating the American Melting Pot. Things took a turn for the worse.
Before the parade finished winding its way to the festival grounds, this year in Flushing Meadows Corona Park, chaos erupted. The festival, already with throngs of Ecuadorian's and other celebrants, was attacked by the criminal Mark Scarlotti, who is now using the alias Blacklash. Former employee of Stark Enterprises, the man exploded/destroyed several tents, some World Fair artwork, and a few trees. A fire erupted at one point, burning several civilians. While a number of civilians sustained injuries, no one was critically injured. Thanks to the arrival of two heroes, Mark Scarlotti was again detained.
The Avenger known as Arachne was on the scene, who was later joined by fellow Avenger the Black Panther. Thanks to the arrival of the Panther, further chaos as diverted as he navigated a flying sled/saucer to intercept what has been identified as a gravity bolas/bomb, it was intended for a children's ride abandoned by the ride operator in the chaos. While the bomb brought the warrior down, this lives of numerous children were saved. The two, working together managed to subdue and detain the villain, who was turned over to local authorities for detention.
It has been subsequently reported that the detention vehicle in route to rendezvous with Code Blue was somehow attacked. At this time it is unknown if other villains are involved in a rescue of Blacklash or if he escaped from within. At the time of detention, he was unconscious from a nerve attack by the Black Panther. Be advised Blacklash, aka Mark Scarlotti, is at large.
The Festival continued after makeshift repairs were made, though not quite the crowd numbers as had started the day.

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