NEWS - Conflict in Greenwich

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Daily Bugle News

"The ground opened up and villains started pouring out. It was amazing!" - That's from an eye witness account of the super battle that struck Greenwich Village late last evening.

The battle started in the abandoned subway terminals between the Canadian hero known as Box and the members of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants: Blob, Toad, Pyro, Quicksilver, and Avalanche. The battle caused significant damage to the street above and allowed the conflict to spill out into evening foot and street traffic.

Within moments, the team calling themselves X-Factor arrived on the scene and proceeded to route the villains back into the hole from which they came.

X-Factor - formerly government operatives, now free-lance - were treated for injuries sustained during the battle. Havok, team leader, was on hand with a statement.

"Citizens of New York. I would like to thank you all for your consideration and compassion. Today is a day that you should be proud of yourselves. For it was today that you showed outstanding heroism in the shadow of danger. When my team mates were knocked unconscious by the members of the Brotherhood, you did not idly by and watch. You engaged, you assisted, and you tried to give aid. That to me is far more heroic than most of what I see on a daily basis.
"What we saw here today was what X-Factor intends to put a stop to; The willful criminal behavior of human and mutant kind. This Brotherhood of Evil Mutants poses a threat to our freedoms and our safety.
"In our new venture, we plan to be more pro-active than re-active. We want to ensure that the villains go to jail and stay there - not end up in some revolving door to be back on the street as free agents, or be repurposed as many before were.
"If you are in need of assistance, call our toll free number at 1800-4XFACTOR, and we'll make a change together."

There were no injuries or fatalities. Damage Control arrived on the scene and began reconstruction. Greenwich was returned to normal within 5 hours and the city can sleep a little better knowing that X-Factor is ready for action.

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