News Clipping December 29, 2012

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News Dec 29, 2012


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News Clipping and Police Info

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News report dated December 29th, 2012

Missing Rocker in Rehab - Rocker Mick Drago has been reportedly entered into rehab. Although not providing details as to what is being treated, speculation has attributed it to his return to antics associated with his time with Greysong. Drago was reported missing Dec 26th.

For those with access to police notes:

Missing persons report was filed on the 26th. Person who filed called back to confirm that Drago was returned a little worse for wear but safe. Currently in a private hospital to tend to injuries sustatined.

Injuries consist of patterned cuts and lacerations to the torso.

Drago unable to recall details of where he's been and what happened. Has stated he had a lot to drink on the 25th. Confirmed by his date at the time.

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