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A Very Sombre Tyrannosaur Christmas: now coming to a Big Apple near you!

The final concert of Sombre Tyrannosaurs' first all-american tour has been announced as happening in Central Park. Organizers have reassured the public that temperatures will not be a problem, but to bring snow gear just in case anyways. Proceeds from this tour are partially going towards charities local to each city that she has performed in thus far on the tour (Tampa Bay, New Orleans, Chicago and others on the eastern sea board).

Critics have given good reviews to the concerts, saying the mix of classical Christmas music, heavy rock versions and original songs are well blended together in a story format, with each song segueing into the next for the three-hour performance, starting in the modern ages and going backwards to the beginning of Christmas and its' meaning. Perhaps the thing intriguing people most is the identity of Sombre Tyrannosaurs' Co-STar who's known only as the Man in the Red Mask.

*Image of said man behind an elaborate drum set. He wore a long, black coat and matching shirt and pants, every part of clothing on him red save for the red mask he wore in the style of Sombre Tyrannosaur herself, and the red gloves on each hand. *

This is the first time ever a fellow performer has worn a mask while Sombre Tyrannosaur has performed. His performance skills goes beyond simple drumwork and the intrigue behind him has definitely driving up sales for Sombre Tyrannosaurs' christmas concerts.

OOC - This concert will be RPed in multiparts. See the Plot Board post for dates, times and how it wil happen!

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