NEWS - Avengers Statement on Crisis

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08/07/12 13:00



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Avengers Chairwoman Carol Danvers took the podium this morning, taking over from their regular public relations people, and offered this statement.

"Ladies and gentlement of the Press, and of the World: I am sure no one on Earth is unaware of the life- and freedom-threatening crisis that has faced us all in the last forty-eight hours. The robotic entity known as Ultron had managed to secure total control of literally thousands of robots around the world, including Dagard Ace, Red Ronin, Raydeen, Combatra and Ultimo, a quantity of over a hundred old Sentinel robots originally manufactured by Bolivar Trask, several thousand HYDRA dreadnoughts, as well as others, all in a bid for world domination. This was the culmination of over a month of various incidents, as this 'infection' spread around the world, affecting countless cybersystems at every level. This control was achieved through the use of nanites under Ultron's direct remote control, manipulating these systems to affect their perceptions and decision loops."

"As must be quite clear, the world's heroes were not unaware of a pending crisis. Indeed, some of number have already fallen thanks to this danger and seemingly random attacks around the world. Uncounted hundreds of heroes remain hospitalized, and some even now lie dead of injures sustained in these attacks. The Avengers' own Super-Adaptoid, and the Vision, have both fallen. We are doing what we can to help them, but only time will tell if they will ever be able to rejoin us. In addition, over half our standing and reserve roster was affected by an attack which temporarily robbed them of their powers, preventing them from being as much help to us in this crisis as both they and we would have liked."

"With the help of countless heroes around the world, including but not limited to the X-Men, X-Factor, the Fantastic Four, Les Heroes de Paris, the Winter Guard, Excalibur, the Rangers, the Defenders and Alphra Flight, as well as the not-inconsiderable contributions of the Sorcerer Supreme and his allies, and the coordination and assistance of Colonel Nicholas Fury and SHIELD, as well as Agent Abigail Brand and SWORD, and mister Tony Stark and several other individuals of technological talent and ability, we were able to quickly mobilize a distribution of forces around the world. In addition, many heroes both new and old stepped up and heeded the call of the Sorcerer Supreme in our hour of need. Forces were fielded simultaneously in every major city around the world to face these robots and protect the citizenry to the best of their abilities. In addition, a strike team was fielded under my own command and inserted directly into orbit above the Atlantic Ocean, tracking signals proven to have been Ultron's remote control of his nanite army. That strike team was divided upon arrival, with half of the team going EVA to intercept a controlled alien vessel of war poised to begin orbital bombardment of the planet. The second half of the unit, under the command of American Dream and with the support of Cyclops of the X-Men, continued on to our original target: an orbital installation where Ultron itself was continuing its control."

"As should be quite clear, our efforts, however dangerous and devastating to our own ranks, have been successful. All of the robots have been neutalized. Ultron itself has been defeated and is currently rendered to Avengers' custody. The nanites have been shut down, and are being expunged. Our efforts were not without cost, however. Iron Man was nearly killed helping to stop the alien battle cruiser. Mister Tony Stark was also badly wounded when attempting to deactivate a device we believe was supporting Ultron's production of his nanite army. Above and beyond this, as stated, hundreds of heroes around the world are injured, and some lie dead this hour. Let NONE of us forget their brave efforts and sacrifices: They have given their last and greatest full measure of devotion, and deserve to be recognized without fail as worthy of that title, from the lips of every man, woman and child on this planet: They are heroes. Let none question that, or deny the worth of their sacrifices."

"Continued efforts are cleaning up the damages done in these battles, and carting away the robots for proper repair or destruction as is appropriate. Every hero has been returned to his or her home, with our greatest thanks. We ask all of your prayers for the millions of aid workers and emergency responders now striving tirelessly to lend a helping hand in the aftermath of this attack. The Avengers are mobilizing our entire roster, including our reserves and honorary members, to give assistance in rebuilding efforts. Our message to the world is this: Good day, and God bless us all. Thank you for your time."

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