NEWS - Anti-Spider-Man Robots Attack

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News at 11. Late this afternoon, several large robots in a wide variety of makes and models apparently went haywire and attacked a school in upstate New York.

The Westchester-based Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters was attacked, seemingly without provocation, by sources have said is no fewer than -nine- rampaging robots ranging in form from a flying saucer, to humanoid, to spiderlike, and including one that seems to be a version of a nearly-forgotten project funded by the Daily Bugle's publisher, J. Jonah Jameson.

Mr. Jameson had this reply when informed of the machine's assault:

"This is probably all a ploy by that wall-crawling menace to shift the blame onto this publisher's office for no-doubt nafrious deeds which have yet to come to light. The fact that this plot involved a -school- only shows there are no depths to which that web-shooting hooligan will not sink! Something must be done!"

S.H.I.E.L.D. agents were on-site to deal with the problem and there are unverified reports that The Mighty Thor also lent a hammer, although some witnesses say the Avenger looked "very different, somehow."

Is this incident tied to several other reports of machines gone haywire in recent days? News 11's investigation is ongoing.

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