NEWS - Another Super Battle in Midtown

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Last night, just past 8pm, the city streets were rocked once again by yet another super battle between several powered individuals who nearly destroyed an entire city block.

Witnesses state that the fight broke out when Titania smashed a flying car from the sky and then proceeded to engage the Scorpion for personal transgressions. Investigators are still trying to establish the cause of the initial conflict and the how and why the flying car and its occupants, Havok and Mirage of X-Factor, were involved.

Assisting X-Factor was an individual identified as the Wraith - vigilante of New York. Witnesses report that the Wraith quickly departed the scene in pursuit of the Scorpion who disappeared down a side alleyway.

Moonstone, member of the Masters of Evil (ally of Titania in the same group) arrived and served to assist Titania in her struggle against Wonder Man. That seemed to turn the tide on the battle. Yet Wonder Man fought back and managed to occupy Titania.

Mirage summoned her Pegasus who was targeted by Moonstone and shot out of the sky. This prompted Mirage to attack Moonstone unsuccessfully and the two women then went hand to hand.

Absorbing Man arrived and Havok and he went against one another.

With the arrival of She-Hulk on the scene, the battle started to turn in the favor of the heroes.

Witnesses were suddenly disturbed and terrified when Mirage summoned an illusion of Mephisto to subdue Titania.

When the dust finally settled, the heroes once again won the day. Police took Moonstone, Titania and Absorbing Man into custody and transported the three villains to Rykers. The Scorpion was not apprehended nor heard from again that evening.

In other news, Blizzard and Boomerang took advantage of the distracting super battle and robbed a local jewelry store.

No civilians were injured during the battle, yet the property damage rose in the hundreds of thousands. Damage Control was on hand to do the clean-up.

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