New Warriors Mini Reunion

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Cloak, Night Thrasher, and Pinion

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2013/06/19 13:10

Midtown - New York

Cloak, Night Thrasher, and Pinion meet in Midtown. Cloak has some fun.

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With his new position on the Avengers, Tyrone Johnson has opted to increase the number of times a day that he is vigilant and watching over the city. His teleportation ability allows him to move faster that most of the other Avengers and so he posits himself near an old stomping ground, specifically the building where the Taylor Foundation was/is located. Remaining hidden in the shadows courtesy of his cloak, Tyrone simply stares out with his pupil-less eyes and looks out longingly over the city streets.

Not only is this area where the Taylor Foundation may be found, one of the skyscrapers in the
vicinity also houses the engineering department of Damage Control, which just happens to be where
Pinion, aka Krista is gainfully employed. Emerging from that very same building she strides,
portfolio dangling in one hand as she merges into the foot traffic that passes in front of the
building. Since she is just heading to the bustop a few blocks down she doesn't have to wander far
to reach her destination.

Dwayne Taylor has had a renewed focus on Taylor Foundation operations since the Superhero Civil War.
Dwayne flew in late this morning from a conference out of town and is now arriving back at the
office. Dwayne's car pulls up outside of the Ambrose Building which houses the Foundation. He closes
the back door, waves a departing wave to his driver and the car pulls off. Dwayne stands there on
the sidewalk staring down at a smart phone/mobile device's screen.

Spotting both of his former teammates, Tyrone ponders a thought. Idle hands are the devil’s playground and Cloak has more than on one occasion been called a devil. A sly grin forms on his face and coincidentally enough he hides in the shadows near the two former Warriors. His cloak elongates and lashes out. One end going to grab Pinion, the other acting like a wet towel to whip Night Thrasher. Chuckling every so often, Tyrone smirks as the cloak does as he commands.

Sure there is a bench at the bus stop she could sit on, but though the height issue of Krista's
problem was sorted years ago, the density problem was never addressed, and the bench in question
looks a bit on the rickety side. So she stands nearby, rocking back on her heels every once in
awhile as she waits for the bus. This is New York, so one more fancy car isn't going to stand out,
the city it full of rich people with fancy cars.

She should know better than to let her attention to her surroundings lapse, but it has been awhile
since her heroine days so she has gotten a bit lax. She gets grabbed and cries out in surprise,
swinging out with her portfolio in retaliation, but that meets air since the culprit is at a safe

The shadowy tendril whip-snaps Dwayne which forces the former New Warrior to draw his attention away
from his mobile device. Dwayne isn't startled often, but this achieves that reaction. Dwayne looks,
first, behind him and then all around to figure out what just happened. Dwayne's feet slide almost
instinctively into a ready stance, as if Dwayne were ready to take off running after someone. With
no attempted pick-pocket in sight, Dwayne relaxes... though his eyes dart around and remain alert.

Chuckling to himself again, Cloak uses his cloak animating it and attempting to whip Dwayne again before teleporting and appearing above Pinion and looking down on her. His voice, ever ominous, but familiar and friendly, “Hello.”

Of all the things that she had expected today this didn't even make Krista's top 100. Sure she had
heard the news that her former team mate had gotten into the Avengers, was even in the crowd when
the big announcement was made, but she figured he would be way busy with Avengers stuff that the
only time she would see him was on the TV or in some other news media. In otherwords she is
surprised. "Cloak!?" she exclaims using his codename isnce this is public territory, "I think I am
going to need a pacemaker after that."

Dwayne is whip snapped again and he looks around him, eyes narrowed and brow furrowed in growing
annoyance. Dwayne is about to retreat into the Amrbose Building when he spots out of the corner of
his eye the hovering form of Cloak over... Krista? He blinks and grumbles to himself, "Can see why
some people thought it was a good idea to register superhumans..." Clearly Dwayne has decided Cloak
was responsible for the whip-snaps he received. He glances down at his mobile device again before
lowering it to his side and heading over to where the two of them are. As he heads over he calls out,
"Cloak, Avenger, shouldn't you be Avenging?"

“Oddly enough the world is not in peril, this minute anyway.” Cloak responds to his former teammates. He would call them by codename, but taking a page from Pinion’s book. He does not refer to them not by that or any name at all, “It has been quite some time since I have seen you both.” Cloak’s presence is noted by a few New Yorkers, but with him being an Avenger now and the regular presence of powered beings in New York, most just walk by and respect his privacy and those with the people he speaks with.

"Congratulations on the move up to the Avengers." Krista says with sincerity. When Dwyane
approaches she offers a wave "I see he got you too." she is less surprised to see him considering
his office is nearby "A couple years in my case. Just got back to the city a month or so ago. How
have you guys been?”

A disbelieving 'mmhmmm' is given by Dwayne as he looks down at his mobile device. A couple of clicks
on its buttons are made before he slips the device into a pant pocket. He looks back up and slips
his hands into his pockets, "There have been many reasons for that, I am sure. Let's just lump all
those reasons into 'I've been busy'."

“Busy indeed.” Cloak quirks an eyebrow. The name and reputation of the New Warriors caused him a little grief after the whole Stamford debacle. But he turns his glance to Krista, “Thanks you. I’m good. As is Dagger.” He looks to the two, “And I hope you have been well.” Suddenly a beeping is heard from under his cloak, “Well, it seems I spoke too soon regarding the world in peril. . .” He looks back, “Sorry this was so short, but I shall be in touch soon.” With that he teleports away.

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