New Student

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New Student

Seth and X-Students

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Seth meets some of the other students at Xaviers

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[ Game Room - Xavier Mansion ]

A well lit room, with a fair bit of noise from the hum or a three arcade games here. There is a pool table in center of the room, and a shuffle board table against one of the walls. There's a bar in the far right corner and a few tables close by. There are several score boards and a dart board along the side of the wall where the shuffle board table is. There are a few video game consoles with large screens, couches, and other seating, a refrigerator stocked with soda, water, etc, and of course a small pantry with snacks.

The air is fairly clear here, with air conditioner and fans to circulate and freshen the air. There is a radio/tape cassette player over by the bar for those who want to listen to music.

It's an hour after the evening meal, which finds the students at Xavier's having a bit of free time before it's lights out. Students are scattered about the mansion doing what ever it is they do for fun, be it playing basketball down at the court, swimming in the pool or what three are doing in the game room, playing video games.

The three are approximately the same age, 16 or 17. There is a short girl of undeterminate race with long black hair, a teen boy of average height with shaggy blond hair and another girl also of average height but with shoulder length aqua hair and skin that has a bluish-green cast to it.

The three play a racing game on one of the console games hoooked to the big screen tv and are good naturedly hassling each other as teenagers typically do when competing with each other.

Coming from a walk around the Mansion's area after his evening meal, Seth is now coming back inside, getting ready to retire into his room. But not before he's getting something to drink, which takes him into the game room's bar. Opening the fridge up, he pulls out a can of soda, which he opens and starts drinking as he watches the game the group is playing.

The first to notice the new arrival is the dark-haired short girl, despite her being the farthest from the door. She takes a quick glance toward the door, her dark eyes widening a bit before she nudges the bay sitting near her on the sofa "It's the new student." she announces dropping the controller as she jumps to her feet.

The other two look over to Seth at her announcment and one of them pauses the game. The aqua haired girl also gets up, though where the dark haired girls movements are full of energy, the blue girl's is all fluid movement. "Seth right?" she asks. Word of a new student travels fast in the school.

The boy acts more cool, just turning on the sofa, and raising a fist in a kinda manly gesture of comradirie "Yo." is his only greeting.

Seth nods slightly, "Yeah. That's me, Seth." He chuckles. "News travel fast around these parts, don't" He returns the greeting gesture to the boy at the couch. "Word." He looks at the screen, "So, what were you all playing?"

"Of course it does." The dark haired girl smiles, causing dimples to show on her cheeks "I'm Jess." she states as she sits as the bar, pulling the taller girl closer "This is Maris," she then points to the boy on the sofa who is watching "That's Ray."

"Need for Speed?" the girl introduced as Maris says though it is more a question and Jess shakes her head.

"Gran Tourismo. Need for Speed was the first one." he rolls his eyes.

"Maris prefers real sports over video games." Jess explains before going into questioning mode, "So how do you like it here? Have you meet any of the teachers yet? What classes are you in next year?" she manages to get it all out in one breath too.

Seth listens to the games they were playing, the shrugs. "I'm a Skyrim kinda guy, myself." He then replies after a sip of his soda. "So far, so good. This place is enormous, I'm still checking it out, and I've been here for like two days, at most. No, I don't know most of the teachers, though I'm aware Scott... Mr. Summers, will be one of the teachers. I'm still to meet the rest, but I'm pretty sure to bump into them at any time." He pauses, another gulp of soda. "And classwise, I still haven't decided yet, though computers are certainly on my mind."

Jess nods at Seth "You will find a lot of classes to choose from. Most normal classes you would find in any school, some you will find only here." she gestures back at Ray "Ray can fly, so this past year he took a class in aerial landmark navigation."

She is interrupted by Maris who has gone around the bar to get a few waters from the fridge "I took one regarding Atlantean politics." she tosses one of the bottles of water into the air and with a hand gesture it whips through the air toward Ray who reaches up and catches it smoothly. The other she just hands to Jess.

"Thanks." Rays says "So what's your story?" Ray finally gets up and joins ther other two.

"My story...?", Seth seems a little confused, at first. "Not really that much to tell, I think." Or he just doesn't want to go into it much, and be considered the odd guy of the group. "Got myself these powers a little over a month ago, and been getting grief over them since." He looks at the assembled group. "What about your stories?"

"Not much to tell really. I've never had the problems most have with being a mutuant. I was recruited as soon as I manifested." Jess relates before letting one of the others speak up.

"I'm from a few hours north of here, I was just learning how to fly when I crashed into the schools outdoor pool." Ray rubs the back of his neck, still embarrased "It took bit of talking to convince them it was an accident."

Maris on the other hand has moved away, taking an interest in one of the video games.

"Maris won't talk about it." Jess speaks up, sending a concerned look her friends way, "All we know is that she manifested at a really young age and that her family had to flee Greece. She lost her father and her older brother."

Seth looks at Maris, commenting, "I can relate. Some experiences can be pretty traumatic, although my abilities helped save the day." He sighs, "But still..." He finishes his soda.

"She's been here longer then us." Jess gestures to herself and Ray "I'm tired of video games." she nudges Ray "How about we all watch a movie." she makes a head gesture to the entertainment center "We get all the new releases, before anyone else does." she bounds to the sofa, turns off the gaming console and brings up the movie selection on the tv.

Ray once more rolls his eyes, "No use arging with her, it's a loosing battle...especially since she can make it so you can't be heard." he makes a gesture for Seth to follow him to the viewing area.

Maris has already joined Jess and they have already picked a movie. A high octane action romp with plenty of car chases and explosions. Which has already showing the opening credits.

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