New New Mutants

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Jean Grey and Mirage

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Jean's Office - Xavier's

Jean asks Dani about reforming the New Mutants

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==[ Jean's Office - Xavier Mansion ]==

This is a generous sized office. The lower half of the walls are a deep mahogany wainscoting with the upper half decorated with a buttery colored textured wallpaper. Covering the floor is a plush carpet that matches the wallpaper.

Tasteful paintings hang in a cluster on the right wall and against the wall to the left is a leather sofa with another painting hung above.

In front of the office visitor is a couple of wingback chairs in rich earth tones that face a wooden desk on which sits a computer monitor and other desk things. Behind the desk is a leather chair and a hutch topped credenza decorated with plants, personal photos and books.


The weekend, a great time to catchup on stuff and relax, though in Dani's case it is more the first and less of the second. Heading to her own office, just down from Jean's she will pop her head in "Morning Jean." to greet the headmistress. She Dani on the weekend at the school is a bit strange, usually she spends them down in Manhattan with X-Factor, this is not the case today.

Jean blinks and looks up, "Oh, Dani! Good morning!" She was working on her computer, doing some paperwork for a Saturday morning that was /not/ playing Freecell, no matter how it might appear. She swivels in her chair to face Dani and smiles, "What brings you up this way?"

"Business is slow for X-Factor lately, so I figured I would catchup on some stuff here." if Jean is on her game she may sense that while this is a valid reason, it is not the specific reason. Thankfully Dani is schooled and controlled enough to keep her surface thoughts to a minimum or at least focused on what is coming out of her mouth. "Also was there any possible new enrollments I should be looking at for the next school year?

Jean smiles, not probing as that would just be rude, at least for the moment. She tilts her head, "Well, for a second I thought you were going to yell at me about the part-time teacher situation... but Ambrose seems to be fitting in well so far." A brief smile, "No new enrollments yet for the winter semester, though I need to talk to Armand about finishing his school here. There's a few others I've been looking at, though I haven't had an opportunity to approach the would-be students to join the school. Which, actually, is something I wanted to talk to you about." Her lips curve in a smile as she regards Dani, her own thoughts shielded quite well indeed.

Dani looks a bit confused for a moment, "You mean Emma?" she waves a hand "I'm sure you have heard enough on the subject from everyone else, there is nothing new I could add that would make a difference. No, I don't like it but I know Emma would never do anything to to harm the students." Dani would knows that much at least, "I trust your judgment on the matter and will leave it alone. Just don't ask me to work with the woman." a slight smile lifts her mouth, seemingly pleased "I'm glad that Ambrose finally made up his mind and is fitting in nicely." since Jean commented about what to talk she moves into the officer fully and sits on the edge of one of the chairs "I take it from the smile this isn't a 'We need to talk' kinda talk." she has had her share of those this week.

Jean smiles wryly, "Oh, believe me, I've heard quite enough, and I'm getting to the point where I don't think I'll be terribly polite about it going forward. She's here to do general education and psychic training for the students as a part-time teacher, and I trust her to do that. I'm not fitting her for a uniform and asking her to join the X-Men." Her lips quirk a bit, "And no, this isn't one of those, Dani. Actually, with the current students, I was wondering your opinion about reforming the New Mutants?"

She isn't as suprised by the question as one would think. Dani has heard the suggestion before, when she first arrived. "Scott asked me something similar almost a year ago. At the time I was just back and needed to get a grip on re-starting a life here." she pauses a moment turning the thought over her her mind, "Well considering how things are right now, I think now would be a great time to do so. Is there specific students you had in mind for this team or do I get to choose which students will make it up?

Jean smiles a little, "I had a few students in mind, but if you want the job back, we can work together on that. I was actually thinking you could be a teacher and mentor to the team, like Charles was to your original team, and then they would have their own field leader. I've actually been getting some reports from the various Avengers helping out with teaching." She leans back in her chair, looking at Dani, "Cessily, or Mercury, has been showing some leadership potential, at least according to the reports I've seen. Plus there's a few students I'd like to see on the team. Marrow, Finesse, Ruth... but don't get me wrong, this is a joint effort if you decide to come on board with this."

Dani is silent as Jean speaks, the mention of what her position would be stirring memories of how difficult she was when she was field leader of the group as a teen, "Cessily, in some ways, is alot like I was, impulsive and stuborn, not to mention not afraid to speak her mind." she thinks about the other girls mentioned "Finesse isn't much of a team player, Ruth is a trouble magnet and Marrow has a chip on her shoulder." a grin crosses her face "Sounds like old times. You mention only girls. Are there any boys that you specifically want to include?"

Jean nods, "Well, I'm almost thinking that we've turned into a girls school..." She laughs softly, "I mentioned the idea in passing to Seth, and he's very enthusiastic. I haven't talked to any of the original New Mutants yet, other than you of course. There is also David and Vaughn, who would both be excellent choices. And I do want you to review the studentbody as well, to see if there's anyone I've missed." She leans back in her chair, "Sound like something you'd be interested in, Dani?" Her lips quirk a bit, as even without her telepathy, she has a good idea what the answer is going to be.

A genuine laugh escapes Dani, her first in a while, easily figured out by how it surprises her "I'll talk to Rahne. I would like her assitance in this, even if it's only now and again. X-Force is still in flux with Cable being far flung into the future with Stryfe." accomplished by X-Factor a few months ago. "I'll contact Sam and Roberto, they may be interested in helping out. Especially Sam. I think Sam could relate to Seth in ways we can't. The whole power control issue." while she hasn't said yes, just the way she has started making plans and stuff is probably confirmation enough. "I need to pull student files..oh I think I will get Richenda too, New Mutant's uniforms aren't prone to gravity or splitting." she bounces up from her seat. "I'll go through training logs too. May as well get a start on that now. Thanks Jean." she then moves out of the office to head to her own in much better spirits than when she arrived.

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