New Mutants Recruiting II

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Thimble Mirage

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02/26/13 13:20

Mirage's Office - Xaviers

Conclusion of New Mutants Recruiting

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Janie eyes the form again, then her teacher, still standing. "Codename? I have none." she remarks finally before adding a sentence "And what you mean with leader and what kind of training?"

You were given one when you became a student here." Dani starts to explain as she sits back down behind her desk "None of the students are referred to by birth name in the school paperwork. We do that to not only protect the student but any friends and family the student may have outside of school. If you don't like the one that has been assigned you can pick your own and we will change it in the system." she will pause there a moment before explaining the rest

Thimble eyes her teacher once more before she looks back onto the form where she searches for the codename "Well, I did never fill out anything when I arrived. I guess I did not got told it then. Or I didn't pay attention to it in the mass of information." she explains with a slight smirk. "How did I end up with... thimble?"

Dani frowns slightly, "Yes, your situation was a bit different than most students coming it. We had to rush things a bit. I'm sorry about that. You got dropped in with no explanations." the frown changes to a slight grin at the question "My understanding is that the codenames are assigned alphabetically, guess T was the next one and that one came up. Did you want to change it?"

Thimble shakes the head with a smirk "It fits a bit. A thimble is a tool to sew. Just one question though. What else is on file about me?" she asks with a slight worry. She did have that youth crimes to worry about. And continiously breaks the school rules about power usage, although always in private and most times to clean her clothes or fix out signs of use before they get worn out. And she did not used the stiped she had been given for one month in the time she had been here. was something of that on file? was that bad?

At the question Dani rolls her chair forward and types a few things at the computer keyboard "You are free to access your file at anytime, Janie. We keep very few secrets from the students." even the X-Men aren't that much of a secret, they just aren't openly discussed with the students. "Your usual information: name, date of birth, information about relatives." she glances up from the monitor "We do have your criminal record," she states then quickly adds "But you aren't the first or last student to come through here with one of those. This place is the home of second, third and sometimes even fourth chances." she turns the monitor around so that Janie can look if she wants "The rest is academic stuff, your abilities and any thing else that may be important." apparently the little things that Janie has done with her powers so far hasn't been enough to raise any red flags.

Thimble quirks an eyebrow as she listens, especially as the term comes to abilities "Name and such, but what is about the codename then? Or are that seperate files? And to what extent things are counted as abilities?" she asks eventually, wondering if there is more than what the law enforcement knows. "What do you know about my powers?"

Turning the monitor slightly, Dani points to where the name section is, in the file she is only referred to by codename "Your real name is used only on files that we have to supply to the public. Demographic stuff, academic stuff. Like if you decided to go to college after graduation, we would have to send your grades and that would have your real name on it. In files with thing about your powers, training and those things only your codename is used. They are separate files with nothing linking one to the other." her brow furrows at the question about what counts as abilities "Abilities and powers aren't always easy to pin down. We still haven't drawn the line in a lot of cases at where mundane talent ends and mutant ability begins." she answers as best she can "Take Einstein, the man was a genius but was it just mundane talent or was he a mutant of some sort?" she gives a shrug not knowing the answer "As for you, I know that you are a textile telekinetic. I've not read that portion of your file, though since you are now on the New Mutants I guess I should do so."

Thimble nods slowly, thinking about the Einstein question before she elaborates. "If he was, then he was able to see things others didn't. And if textile telekinetic means I can reform fabrics into other shapes I guess that's it. Not letting things float, but changing their form. But I don't like to show or tell all people. Even if all pupils out there bug me to tell."

Dani grins at that she is similar in that way "I don't like people knowing the extent of my abilities either. I don't mind my team mates knowing, but I would rather the full extent of my abilities not be public." and she is a public figure, being in X-Factor a very public investigative team "Don't let the students get to you. If you don't want them to know, they will just have to live with it."

Thimble smirks a bit as she hears people don't know about Miss Moonstar either "I mean, most even don't know anything. I guess only Ruth knows." she admits, implying that not even her roomie knows much. As if she would spend much time with Blink at all. "Will the shedule change after signup?"

"The only people that need to know are your team mates. Which right now only include Ruth, Richenda and Cessily. More will be included, Seth, Clarice and Nicholas, to name a few. Your class schedule will remain the same, but there will be two training sessions a week to hone your powers and fighting skills, as well as other things."

Thimble nods slowly as she listens, eventually responding, the form still in the hand. "Fighting skills. well, I am not sure if my power qualifies for fighting. Wand what you mean by other things? driving a car?"

I mean we will teach you how defend yourself, without the use of your powers, hand-to-hand training, martial arts and stuff. You will also learn the extent of your powers and how to use them both offensively and defensively." Dani nods at her one suggestion, "Driving a car, tracking, investigation, the list goes on and will include learning how to pilot an aircraft." not many if any high schools out there that have piloting lessons as part of the curriculum.

"Piloting an Aircraft? Like a small one or more like a jet?" Janie asks surprised, searching for a pen to sign that damned thing. "That does include a proper license, does it?"

A smile comes to Dani's face, piloting lessons always seems to get the same response from the students, at least those few that get the offer to take them, "Jet is mandatory, if you want to learn how to fly a smaller aircraft or helicopter that can be arranged." there are plenty of writing utensils in the little holder on the desk "Not everyone is offered piloting lessons, only those students who are on or will be included in future team recruitment. Usually. And you will get a proper license if you pass the course and tests."

Thimble frowns a bit "oh, that means that it is not guaranteed. But the chance is there." she sais, picking after the most shiny pen she can see. "just let me sign this."

"For you and the rest of the New Mutants it is guaranteed, for the rest of the student body, not so much." Dani is silent a moment as she signs it, even before the rest if filled out. "Bring that back to me after you have gotten your uniform and let the computer print the rest out."

"What will the computer need to fill out? my measurements? I can fix even a standard suit to me I guess." Janie remarks, playing with the pen a second before she looks at it. "a memorial piece?" she asks, putting it back to the table.

Dani points to the form "It's all on there." the blanks on the form are labeled; date, codename, grade, item requestioned, condition of item, measurements to name some of them "The uniform modification room is off limits while classes are going on, but after classes finish today you can head down there are get suited up." she glances at the time "Speaking of classes, lunch is nearly over and you should't be late for Ms. Frost's class." she may not know much about the girl's powers, but she does know her schedule.

Thimble sighs a bit "well, Is there something like an instructor or mentor for the team?" she asks as she puts the paper into her backpack - still the same she came with.

"That would be the former leader if the previous incarnation of the team. Me." Dani gets up from her desk and begins to move toward the door, "Miss Sinclair will be having input in the team as well." she opens the door and will follow Janie down the hall, but only so far as the end of the hallway, where she splits off and heads to the dining hall.

Janie follows her her teacher out, nodding on the comment "Ok, Coach".

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