New Mutants Recruiting

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Mirage, Thimble

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02/26/13 13:00

Xaviers Institute for Gifted Children - Mirage's Office

Thimble get's recruited for the New Mutants

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Thimble is at the office almost instantly after lunch - having had training in quick eating for years, she slung down her meal in as little as 10 minutes or less, so she seemed to have waited somewhere to come to the office as she had been asked to. Knocking at the door she waits to get called in.

Thankfully Dani didn't have lunch duty today so she is able to get some additional work done instead of be in the dining hall to prevent the typical shenanigans that teens get into when they have free time on thier hands. The door probably isn't fully closed, it rarely is, so opens a bit more at the knock "Come in," she looks up from her computer monitor "Janie.”

Thimble nods as she enters, "yes, miss Moonstar? You wanted to see me for some... forms and you mentioned a uniform." she explains as she stops in front of the desk, having made sure the door was properly closed behind her. "Or was there something else?" she asks. After all she did broke the school ruled as she used her powers out there at the stables. And it was likely the first time anyone was agle to witness any use of powers from her.

"Yes," her gaze falls upon the few small stacks of papers on her desk and she begins to go through them, "requistion form for a team uniform. Here we are." Dani finds the form in question quickly in the second pile and hands it over "It's similar to the one you have, only black and yellow. There are various cuts and designs to pick from, unlike with school standard one." she makes no mention to the power show.

Thimble eyes the sheet, reading it carefully from her standing position "hmmm, is the color choice fix?" she asks, looking up from the sheet then. Was that all or is there something else Mirage might want to know or tell?

Leaning back in her chair Dani nods "Black and yellow is the team colors, so to speak. But the yellow is just an accent color, the last thing I want is a team running around looking like bumble bees." she gets up from her chair and takes a photo down from a shelf off the hutch behind her and hands it over so Thimble can look at it "That's the original New Mutants." Dani and Rahne are easily recognizable in the picture, even though they can't be much older than 16 and 13 respectively, the group of six wear similar black and yellow uniforms, tacky ones at that "Your uniforms won't be that horrible. I don't know what we were thinking with the underwear on the outside.

Thimble eyes the photo, handing it back "seemed cool to you?" she just asks, her face more or less showing no emotion. "The accent is always like that?" she then asks, trill standing where she had took the form "and should I fill it out now?"

"At the time yes, I suppose we did think we here hot stuff." Dani puts the picture back on the shelf "Not with the new uniforms, they will be all black except with a yellow X across the front and whatever other frills each of you put into them to make them your own. Once the team is filled out training sessions will start and you guys will decide who is going to be your leader." yes she is leaving the team leadership up to the team, she isn't going to assign it "All you have to do is sign the bottom. You will put the paper into the printer like machine in the UM room and type your codename in, the computer will fill in the blanks.

- - - To be Continiued in NMR II - - -

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