New Mutants in Disney World: Part 2

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Blindfold, Finesse and Showstopper (Emits by Mirage)

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Magic Kingdom - Orlando, Florida

The continuing saga of the New Mutant Scavenger Hunt

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----[Magic Kingdom - Orlando, Florida]----

It's midafternoon, right after the afternoon parade and pre Disney makeovers a couple of the teams have run into each other and are exploring the park together. Nearby is Space Mountain and the Buzz Lightyear ride/game.

While Disney's Magic Kingdom is a place of happiness where many can enjoy regardless of their age, one Jeanne Foucault doesn't seem to share in their mirth. She's more or less been begrudgingly following her team members, looking with disdain at most anything in her path. Going through the motions, but almost making sure that everyone can tell how much she's not enjoying herself.

There's only one problem with the rule about never separating: It's just impossible, especially when one of your team overdid it on the corn dogs and another is quite caught up in the activity and a bit small for fighting the crowds. Shorn of her teammates, Chenda drifts through the press of activity in the huge park, finding herself more by accident than design near Space Mountain. She takes aim with her digital camera, one of the few computer-operated devices she's learned how to use, and gets a shot of the towering landmark, just for her own photo album. "Wish Janie could see this."

She catches sight of Jeanne Foucault through the crowd, and starts to wave... and lowers her hand. The other girl's disposition has never agreed with her. On the other hand, her expression is curious. Someone's not enjoying themself at /Disney World/? How is that even possible?

Ruth was tapping her way along with finesse and the rest of their team as she ate sushi rolls, so good! The noises were the only thing Ruth could count on to tell her how happy the place was, otherwise she might be like a kid on Xmas morning! Still she tried to get finesse into the spirit "The point of this is to have fun and it's one of the rules we were given, err don't get any points if we don't have fun, yes sorry. What's wrong may I ask please?" sensing richenda she smiles and waves in a random direction to keep things authentic

As the girls join each other, the park crowd, a bit lighter on this side of the park at the moment, move about paying the three little to no attention. Ruth may get an occasioanal look but with all the other things to look at it isn't long lasting. There are long lines for the rides in the general area, but thankfully all the students were given a ride fast pass, amoung a bunch of other stuff (including spending money on a gift card thing) so no waiting in lines at the major ride attractions.

"What kind of stupid rule is 'have fun'? You can't make someone enjoy a frivilous waste of time like a visit to this fake place..." Jeanne mutters with displeasure, annoyed as Ruth tries to get her in the spirit of things, "does it count if I fake a smile? I can do that very well," sure some have suggested that Jeanne is scarier when she smiles, but she can't think of much more she can do. "Well, this entire scavenger hunt is demeaning...taking picture of people in costumes? We're not 7 years old...and even at 7 I wouldn't have enjoyed this place." She waves politely at Richenda, and takes the camera to snap a picture of a Mickey Mouse passing by, "there...I got a Mickey Mouse picture, that's good for some points, right?"

Chenda, noticing Ruth and Jeanne waving, moves over to join them, just in time to hear Jeanne's complaint. "Well, I know better than to try and explain it," she replies. "Personally, I've always wanted to come here. It's like the ultimate carnival, just in one place, the amusement park to end all amusement parks! This is the place that sets the standards for resort parks all over the world."

Ruth, of course, gets her customary hug. "Hey, Ruth. Don't mind me. I won't be getting in your way. My group got a little scattered, and wandering around alone hasn't been much fun."

"Shouldn't that make your team disqualified? You must stay together at all time," Jeanne quotes the rules and looks at Richenda with the kind of expression that doesn't quite disclose if she's serious or not, or whether she's going to tell on them or not.

Ruth smiles hugging chenda and offers the girls some of her sushi "We're supposed to bond as a team forget about all our usual responsibilities for a while and just be normal kids on a normal field trip, yes thank you. You're welcome to hang out with us until we find your team again chenda, yes please" Ruth could definitely use a break to forget herself for a while "Let's see we're also supposed to get a group picture with us all wearing mouse ears maybe we can get the ears and then fund Mickey and Minnie to get a picture taken, yes please. Thimble will disqualify her team anyway later, sorry yes"

"Sounds good on paper, doesn't work in practice," Chenda ripostes. "Plus, we're not /doing/ anything. We didn't split up to get stuff done faster, which was the point of the rule." She does keep half an eye on Jeanne, since there's one very easy rule to violate, and she's wearing purple suspenders to prevent that very violation.

Chenda hugs Ruth a little tighter. "'Preciate it, Ruth. Being alone here for long reminds you of being in an ant far... wha..? Did you say Janie'd disqualify us?" she asks, blinking in dismay.

Jeanne takes some of the sushi Ruth offers, offering a soft spoken, "thank you, Ruth," as she chews on her roll. "I can't be a normal kid," Jeanne says after she swallows, "I never was a normal kid." Jeanne rolls her eyes at the mention of wearing Mouse Ears, "I swear, Mirage spoke to Ms. Grey at length to see how to best torment me with these silly tasks."

Ruth smiles and hugs chenda before popping another sushi roll in her mouth. "Being alone is never pleasant, you're welcome yes" always helped to have good friends around when you were dealing with things. But at chenda's question Ruth pressed her lips together and then pursed them "Yes sorry, to make something fit better"

"You don't /have/ to be a normal kid. Maybe it's just a matter of thinking of it as a change of pace," Chenda suggests. "Some of the stuff /is/ silly, but the whole point of coming to a place like this is to do something different than normal, to step into an imaginary world for a little while and forget the real one. Surely there's a scientific basis for something like that, considering you find all types here."

Chenda frowns thoughtfully as Ruth speaks of this. "I don't know why that'd disqualify her, really. It's not like she'd do it to make something easier, or to get one of the scavenger hunt tasks done. As long as she wasn't obvious about it, it wouldn't even get her noticed by people who aren't... well, aren't like us."

"Einstien said that Imagination is more important then Knowledge, because knowledge is limited to what we know and Imagination is infinite in scope," Jeanne says at Richenda's words, "so there's nothing wrong with imaginery, it can assist in solving a seemingly unsolvable equation or conundrum." Maybe not exactly what Richenda was looking for, but at least she gets that much out of Jeanne. "That doesn't mean I need to dress up like a Princess or wear Mouse Ears and take pictures with a pervert in a Mickey Mouse outfit." Crossing her arms, Jeanne looks towards Ruth, and groans, "I will do whatever it takes to win though. I'm not scared of anything."

Ruth gives chenda a one armed squeeze, relying on the girl to show the way rather then her cane as she had sushi to carry "Rule five yes sorry, maybe if you as a team sip it from happening you won't be disqualified"

"Works fine when you're /not/ solving problems, too," Chenda points out. "And if you don't want to dress up like a princess or get your picture taken with Mickey, don't. Personally, I'm planning on a princess makeover. I'm just not sure which princess yet."

Chenda does indeed show the way, seeing Ruth's difficulty in finding it. "I don't think we can, really. There's no way to know when it happens. Still, it's not gonna stop me from doing my best. If we don't top the point count, I'd rather it be because of an irrelevant rule violation than because one of us wasn't trying."

"I will because I don't want your team to have it easy, Richenda, it's important for Ruth that we try to win," Jeanne says to Richenda, snorting, before pointing at a store across from them. "The store over there has Mouse Ears, let's get that one done," Jeanne says rolling her eyes, as she really could care less about who wins, she just wants the torture over with. She offers a rather unpleasant smile at the sales lady who approaches her as she sets foot in the store, and asks her for Mouse Ears, cringing when she hands her the Minnie Mouse version with the bow, "erm, can I get the 'Mickey' ones please...?"

As the trio goes into the store to get mouse ears for the picture one of the characters common to this area arrives at the entrance, Stich, the alien abomnitation. His arrival starts a small stampede of little kids toward the entrance, one or two darting around the girls, maybe even bumping to the legs of one. "Stich! Stich!" the children call out in an effort to get his attention first.

Ruth smiles "I think Belle or Marida I'd like to dress up as, yes thank you. I don't care who wins but thanks for trying Jeanne, I'm just glad for ask the fun and the break from our norm, yes please." Then the stampede begins and she gets bumped repeatedly stumbling and falling down, poor sushi going flying into the air.

"We wouldn't have it easy even if you were slacking, Jeanne," Chenda reminds the picky girl, nodding to the list. "Some of this stuff is gonna be really tricky, if it can be done at all. But it'll be interesting to try, which is half the fun right there. And for the record, I'll even take the picture for you if you want to do the mouse ear thing." Never let it be said that the gypsy girl isn't a good sport.

"I think I missed Marida's movie," she mentions to Ruth. "The Frog PriIIIIINCE?!" The last is a startled shriek as a tidal wave of single-digit kids pours around the three girls, sending her stumbling. Then Ruth goes down! And her arm's around Chenda's waist, so her escort stumbles again, quickly tightening her grip so the taller girl at least doesn't hit the ground! "Whoa! Careful, Ruth! Can you get your feet under you?" she asks, holding her friend up as best she can.

Hearing the commotion, Jeanne looks back and shakes her head, "Stitch, such an unimaginative name." Jeanne, however, is alert to her roommate's plight, and lets the bag with the Mouse Ears fall to the ground as she rushes towards Ruth and slides in a way so that she falls on top of her at the most, reaching with her arms to brace her roomie. 'Chenda is not blind, so she's not as concerned about her, "are you okay, Ruth?" Jeanne asks, not yet realizing her slide produced a tear along the side of her pants.

Ruth slowly gets her feet under her again and smiles to them both "Thank you both, yes" it was good to have friends! Reaching a hand down to help finesse up once she's sorted herself out "You ok Jeanne"

"Ooh, nice save, Jeanne," Chenda says, impressed. Not many people would risk life, limb, and outfit the way the young perfectionist just did. "Better check out the stores on Main Street USA, though. You've got some unintentional air-conditioning south of the equator."

She glances down and barely stifles embarrassed giggles. "And speaking of which, hurry with those feet, Ruth? You're pulling down my pants!" Suspenders aren't designed to support the weight of an entire person, as that signature waistband and few inches of white material showing below Chenda's blue tee amply demonstrate. Good thing Jeanne's there! "Together now!"

She lifts, Ruth shifts her feet, and at last the ordeal is over. "I'd better let Dani know what happened. Clarice had the phone... maybe the shop'll let me use theirs." She bows her head to both of them and hurries inside. "Be right back!" Unless her team comes to collect her, of course. She did tell Clarice where she and Janie would most likely be.

"Thanks, I wasn't going to let Ruth fall," Jeanne says with a bit of a groan, feeling the burn against her leg from the slide. "I'm okay, Ruth, just a slight tear in my pants...I'll patch it up. Anyways, I got the mouse ears, want to take the picture now?"

The fall of Ruth did gain some attention from those remaining in the shop, mostly employees and older children with parents. Jeanne's agile rescue though gains so comments "Did you see how she moved?" and "Wow, that was cool." amongst the preteens in the shop.

"Are you alright Miss?" a concerned cashier, with the name Lydia and a town in New York listed on her name tag. (The town is no more than 1/2 hour from Salem where the school is).

Giving chenda a quick hug goodbye Ruth offers Jeanne a hand up "Rug burn, if you don't mind my asking please?" then smiles to the employee with a sift giggle at the problems with clothing still "I think we're all ok, thank you yes, no bones broken" though with the trampling kids...her cane is broken in more then one place.

"Yes...along my legs," Jeanne says to Ruth, before looking up at some of the impressed comments on her slide, and explains it matter of factly with, "I used to be on the Olympic Gymnastics team," just in case anyone might have some weird ideas she has less than ordinary connections. She nods at the cashier, "thank you, I am, and more importantly my friend is," offering her support to Ruth, at least until they can get her a different walking stick.

She then reaches to put a pair of Mouse Ears with a bow on Ruth's head, and a pair of Mouse Ears sans bow on her own head, before reaching with the camera for a store attendant, "would you mind taking our picture please?"

Ruth smiles hugging Jeanne "we'll get you some bandaids, yes please" smiling toward the employee "cheese"

"Of course." this is something the employee does regularly and with a smile. Lydia takes the camera and when the two are in place snaps the picture, then hands it back "We have a first aid kit behind the counter. I'll grab it." her hurries to do so.

Ruth smiles releasing Jeanne from the hug and just keeps a hand on her shoulder instead "Who knew we'd meet someone so close to our school" she whispers to her roomie. Surely they had a shop with canes in it.

"It just burns a little," Jeanne murmurs to Ruth, not feeling too comfortable drawing attention to herself, and also fearful the bandaids here might have smiling Mickey Mouses on them. "Yes, it is a small world after all," Jeanne begrudgingly quips at Ruth's observation. "The weather in Florida is better though, for the most part."

The cashier Lydia rushes back around to Blindfold and Finesse, rummaging through the hefty first aid kit "Here you are." she hads over a few bandaids and antispetic swabs "Again, I'm so sorry. It can get a little hectic here when a character shows up.

"I understand, but Stitch better watch himself or he'll need some real stitches," it could have been an attempt at a joke, but with Jeanne those things are never clear enough, though she does offer acknowledgement to Lydia's help with the antispectic and bandaids, "thank you," Jeanne says as she does a quick job of patching herself up.

Ruth nods to her roomie "not as much snow this time of year which is a bonus, yes thank you" then turns to Lydia "thank you, it's very kind of you yes please. May I ask please which store sells walking canes?" then smiles at finesse with s squeeze of her roommate's shoulder

Lydia thinks a moment as well as confers with her manager before answering the question "There is a small shop over by the Haunted Mansion that sells things like that." of course they will have a ghostly Haunted Mansion theme to them, with tombstone toppers or be wierdly colored or have ghosts on them.

"I can fashion one for you, Ruth, I think you'd like functional over crazy looking, right?" Jeanne offers, before taking her mouse ears off and leaving them to hang off the waist band of her pants. "Ruth you want to leave your mouse ears on?" She asks, before quipping at Lydia, "thanks for the help, we'll move on our way."

Ruth smiles with a nod to them both "Thank you again for your kindness yes, have a wonderful day" then nods to her roomie who had gotten the fuzzy mouse ears "yes please, I rather like them" keeping her hand on Jeanne's shoulder as she was ready to go and left following Jeanne

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