New Mutants in Disney World

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Magic Kingdom - Disney World - Orlando, Florida

Scavenger Hunt for the New Mutants

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-----==[ Disney World- Magic Kingdom - Orlando, Florida - RP Suite #1 ]==-----
It was Friday after class and the group of students now known as the New Mutants were called to the foyer for a gathering. They were asked to wear there normal clothes, no uniforms and back an overnight bag for the weekend. Dani was waiting for them along with the schoool's sparkly, alien party girl. The only explanation that they were going on a weekend field trip for a training session.
Once everyone was gathered, Ariel opened the front door, but on the other side wasn't the grounds of the school. Instead it was a large living room, with all the hi-tech conveniences common in a high class resort suite. The floor to ceiling windows on the other side (complete with Sliding door to a balcony) give a spectaular view of the Magic Kingdom spread out below, as well as a partial view of Epcot. The remainder of that evening was spent enjoying all the ameneties that the resort had to offer, including supper.
Everyone was woken up bright and early and after morning preparation and breakfast everyone loaded into a shuttle and was dropped off at the entrance on the Magic Kingdom. As they got off the bus everyone was handed a small backpack containing what they would need for the day (digital camera with a few extra memory cards and batteries, comm device, Rules phamplet, sunscreen, one time use only credit card, Ride Fast Pass and sunscreen) and broken up into teams.
After making sure that everyone understood what was going on and the rules, Dani told them that they would meet up at the steps of Cinderella's castle at 6:00 pm she then let them go to explore the Wonderful World of Disney with thier teams.

While Chenda doesn't like having to leave her own backpack at home (who can carry two of those, after all?), the thought of seeing Disney World is simply too good to resist. It's the sort of dream that dirt-poor carny kids might carry around hopelessly for life! The ultimate carnival, lacking only the wheels!

It looks like they have tasks, though. On the minus side: HOMEWORK, on a field trip. And rules, particularly an embarrassing one aimed at her. Chenda runs her thumbs up the insides of the purple suspenders she's worn specifically to stay inside the rule. On the plus side, it's a good chance to exercise some problem-solving skills and have some fun that might not otherwise occur to them. Which is always cool.
And with that in mind, she reaches back to catch hold of Janie's hand. "Ready, Janie? We'd better hurry, this is a pretty long list for just a few hours!"

Who can blame Janie to pack her backpack with all the survival gear she thinks she will need? Butterfly knife in her pocket, some threadreels and her cape, which she hides below a spare set of jeans and two shirts in her backpack. Never need more if you don't know where to go. But it also meant that all the stuff went with her to Disneyworld when they went to enter the park - never drop a weapon or leave stuff behind. On their way in, she kept herself close to Richenda, almost looking like her smaller adopted sister, even if they ere almost at the same age, and it looked even more so when Chenda rook her hand. "Let's start with that ducks there? Those with the basecaps?" Well, there is a downside when you grow up in foster homes and get your culture knowledge from sneaking into movies, that are not designed for children - you lack to know who Huey, Dewey and Louie are.

After all the teams head into park Dani follows at a more leisurly place. She is letting the groups go on thier own, and not joining any of them. Passing the entrance she heads down what is called Main Street, USA perusing the shops and storefronts that line the wide walkway.

"Ooh, Huey, Dewey, and Louie! One pic, three characters! Plus, DuckTales!" Chenda loves that show, even now. She slips her camera from her pocket and takes aim, having to fumble with it to get the protective cover over the lens and eyepiece open. Computers... "Now if only Webigail Van Der Quack was around..." She sidesteps to get everyone into the frame and takes their first pic of the day!

Janie looks at Richenda "Oh? uhm... who is that dutchman then?" she asks then, looking on the list of things "what are mikey mouse ears?" she asks then, pointing on the fifth point on the list "That seems not to be too hard, so we can get some points upfront." Easy plan. after that it would be easiest to do that where you don't have to take the photo yourself.

"Dutchman?" Chenda asks, blinking in confusion. Fortunately, Janie has a second question. "Oh, the ears? They're caps with ears like Mickey Mouse has. They're probably in every store along Main Street USA," she replies. "It's an easy thing to get, but the hard part's finding somebody to take your picture once you have 'em. Still, couldn't hurt to find us each a set for when we do!"
She nods in the direction of Main Street. "Shall we?"

"Self release. We can place it at a wall and let it take the photo itself." Janie explains, looking for a cap that fits the rough description. Ok, Mikey she does recognize - the mouse with the dumb ears. "Or in a mirror cabinet," Janie surrests, spotting one on the map.

"They do that?" Chenda asks aloud, looking more closely at her camera. "Huh, they do... let's find some ears! We can get one out of the way easy!" And she catches at Janie's hand again and pulls her along behind her into one of the stores. Not /completely/ disregarding her smaller friend's safety, she slows down so Janie can clear the door on her own.

A few hours have passed and team Chenda has made head way on thier Hunt, pictures have been taken, rides ridden, etc. While the two girls are leaving one of the many rides the park has to offer, Janie happens to hear a girl walking nearby call out "Mama! Mama! Look its Snow White!" the girl sounds gleeful and is jumping up and down pointing to where a meet and greet has been setup to take pictures with the Princess. At the moment the line is just starting to form.

Looking on the list and then on the map, Janie drags Richenda into the direction of the magic carpet ride - they need to ride it anyway and that poman next to it on the map is labled as a princess. That could be two photos at one spot. But then she spots Snow White, pushing richenda into the line slightly "Our chance." Plus, she does know Snow white - it's a well known tale after all.

Chenda shows some talent with the camera, recording several instances of Janie enjoying the park's many attractions. But being a closet Wonderland fan, she does feel a little jealous when Janie gets to go on the Teacup ride first.

But for the moment, it looks like Janie'd rather take a picture of her for a change! "Okay, okay! Pity it's not Rapunzel," she replies, stepping good-naturedly into line and passing the camera to Janie. "Then again, where would they put all that /hair/?"

Clarice giggles a bit as she makes her way from a crowd of children, all with confused parents wondering where there was a Disney movie with a pink elf girl. She catches up with Janie and Chenda at the ride. "Sorry about that. Those kids thought I was some kind of personality." The girl says, anything to keep her from slipping back into her earlier melancholy mood. "So what are we up to?"

Janie looks over to Clarice as ehe comes to them "oh, took you quite some," she says, giving Richenda the camera to take the photo as she goes to stand next to Snow white "where we go next?"

Chenda glances over Janie's head and smiles at the pink elf-girl. "Hello again, Clarice! Janie's just going to get her picture taken with Snow White," she says, correcting for her misinterpretation of the situation as Janie passes her the camera. She takes aim, frames the shot, and clicks. "And we have Disney Princess pic! Not the princess I would've chosen, but a princess."

She turns to Snow White's actress. "Um, nothin' personal," she says with an apologetic smile. "You've got her mannerisms down tight! Thank you so much."

Turning away, she cocks an ear. "I think there's a parade coming... I hear a band."

As the day progresses and all the teams are spread out into the park, there is a chirp from the comm devices that were provided to each student, following the chirp is Dani's voice, "The 'Dream Come True" Parade will be starting in 1/2 hour. Perfect opprotunity for your team to try and get #9."
Thankfully at least one of the teams are in the right place.

Clarice oohs! "We can get there in a jif--..." She was about to snap her fingers but then remembers that powers aren't allowed.. "Ok.. Let's do it the old-fashioned way... RUN!!!" She does her best to gether the two with her so that they can get into position in time.

Janie looks as Clarice starts to run "wait for me!" she sais and dashes after, giving Richenda a look "careful not to get those pants torn." she tells her, knowing that she herself can't use her powers to get faster. Yet.

"Running!" Chenda calls back, laughing and catching Clarice's hand as the other girl reaches for her. Then Janie brings up a good point. "Oh... right! Watch those corners, Clarice!" she calls, doing her best to swing wide of any pedestrians with strollers or heavy satchels and bags.

Clarice makes it to an open spot along the street where the parade route will be. "I... think this is the place? I hadn't been here since I was... Ugh.. Don't think I can count back that far." She hops up and down to look over the heads of other spectators.

"That still puts you /way/ ahead of me, Clarice. I've never been before now!" Chenda steps up next to the elf-girl and boosts Janie up onto her shoulders, so the smaller girl can serve as their lookout. "I just hope we don't have to wait long for the parade. We've still got a few things to get... and I definitely want to get a princess makeover!"

The students aren't the only ones taking advantage of all the fun the park has to offer. As the parade starts Dani makes her way through the crowd to approach the team of Janie, Chenda and Clarice. She seems to have had a princess makeover herself, but she /is NOT/ Pocahontas, she's dressed up as Rapunzel, and in her case she has eschewed the blonde wig, her hair is plenty long enough on its own to qualify, nearly down to her knees when it is free of its braids, which it currently is "You girls having fun?

Clarice looks to Chenda.. " A make--...?" She has no idea what to say about that, whether or not she can, or would, get herself made up. Her thought is interrupted as Dani makes her way over. "A blast, Miss Moonstar!!" Clarice tries to sound enthusiastic, possibly over-doing it. "We'll have plenty of time, Chenda. Relax."

"Makeover. Yes," Chenda replies with a grin. "I'm thinking Jasmine. Or maybe Leia..."

She doesn't have time for further musings, as they've suddenly been accosted by a princess they both know and love. "Dani! Ooh, nice outfit. You wear it so well, too," she compliments. "Loving this, totally. I think Janie is, too."

Janie doesn't reply, being too busy watching for the parade, but she does offer a soft-spoken compliment for the co-dean's dress.

Chenda giggles. "I'd call that a yes. Also, pants still on and up!" She stretches her purple suspenders demonstratively.

Dani grins at the three girls, glad that they are enjoying themselves, "And how is the hunt?" as she speaks the large Goofy character approaches dancing around a float with Mickey and Minnie on it. Dancing toward Clarice, he grabs her hands and pulls her into the parade and spins her around in an irishesque reel for a few feet.

Clarice eeps as she's grabbed! She giggles a bit and dances with the pooch. "Chenda!" she shouts. "Get the camera!!" The pink elf becoming a favorite with the crowd as well, children pointing and encouraging their parents to take pictures.

"Good so far! Even got Huey, Dewey, and Louie all in one... whoa!" Chenda blinks as Clarice is pulled into the street by Goofy. Good thing she has the camera around her neck! She takes aim and *flash!* "YES! Woo! Got it!"

Dani doesn't stick around the girls for to long, she sees some of the other teams are also watching the parade and goes to check on them as well "Remember 6:00. If you're late you will be considered pumpkins, like Snow White's carriage."

Clarice returns to Chenda and Janie, out of breath. "Alright. Wanna go get that makeover now? I'm probably gonna sit it out, but it's cool..."

"I'm fine with being a pumpkin, but not with lots of mice running around. And that was Cinderella!" Chenda calls back, just to tease her friendly neighborhood faculty member. "See you there and then!"

She looks back to Clarice and nods, lifting Janie down. "Let's check that out. We can look for more photo ops on the way."

Clarice nods and makes her way down to where they handle the makeovers. "So how have you been with the new classes and everything?" Ugh.. Shoot the girl who tries to talk shop at Disney..

"Gag! Clarice, we're at Disney World and you're asking about /classes/?" Chenda recoils playfully, making the sign of the cross with her fingers. "Somebody needs ice cream!"

She doesn't stay away long, though, especially since they're going for at least one makeover. "Here, can you hold this for a sec?" she asks, offering her bag to the pink girl. "I think I'll be Sleeping Beauty. Dani got my first choice."

Clarice shrugs in defeat. "Sorry.. Not too thrilled to be here. I'm all good with the teamwork and all, but frankly, I'd rather be back at the Institute." She takes Chenda's bag. "No problem. You'll look great no matter what." She says, as she accompanies the girl to the booth.

"Thanks, Clarice." The gypsy girl steps up to the counter, pausing to look back as something hits her. "You'd look great too, ya know," Chenda points out, her smile turning warm. "There's room for another princess on this team. Maybe Jasmine? Or Cinderella?"

Clarice wrinkles her nose.. "There are no pink princesses." She says, looking at the offers, scratching her head.. "Well... I can't stand out, either. This is supposed to be a teamwork exercise." She sighs and takes a seat next to Chenda, placing Chenda's bag at her feet. After the shocked look of the stylists wear off, she asks.. "Can i be Tinkerbell, or.. some kind of fairy? I mean.." She giggles.. "I already have the ears!"

The young woman on the other side of the counter smiles at Chenda as she walks up. "Welcome," she points to the 'menu' princess and fairy options that a person can be made over into. Tinkerbell and the other fairies are all options "Just take your pick and one of our stylists will get you a costume and accesories and then do your make up and hair. If you would follow me please." she leads them to the make over area.

"Who says you can't have fun and use teamwork at the same time?" Chenda points out reasonably. "Besides, might not get another chance."
She giggles at the looks on the faces of the stylists, as they see Clarice. "Thanks. Right behind you!" And in she goes, with a smile for the pleasant counterwoman. "I think Sleeping Beauty. I know, natural Esmerelda, right? But no. I'm thinking Briar Rose."

Clarice chuckles. "I'd be the last one to pidgeon-hole someone into a role due to their looks." She says, with another nose-wrinkle. "And I'm having fun... I just wish Disney World wasn't in... well... Florida..." Decides on Rosetta, at least the red hair won't clash with her magenta, or the pink of her skin. Janie must be wandering around outside the area, deciding on which princess she wants.

"It /is/ pretty warm, huh," Chenda agrees. "I'm glad to hear you're having fun, though. I'm loving this. Now I see why so many people save up to come here." And it's a lot of saving, too.
She lets the makeover people do their stuff, cooperating as much as she can. "I hope Dani doesn't count changing clothes as a wardrobe issue," she murmurs.

The makeover ladies are quite cheerful, it is their job and they are busy working of girls, boys (mostly pirates for the boys, in Captain Jack Sparrow fashion). They are polite asking the typical niceties, Are you having fun? Where ya from? Have you seen this or that character, etc.

Clarice shrugs. "It's not so much the heat." She mumbles to herself... "I'm used to the heat, unfortunately." She speaks with the staff and gets through the makeover rather simply. She makes her way back out to the waiting room as soon as possible.

Janie still couldn't decide which princess she should take. Those all looked sooo childish, and she was the very contrary. the last princess that she really liked was... definitly a life action movie. Snow white and cinderella were so old school and so was beauty - heck, she didn't even have a name! Ariel was a fish - who whats to be a fish? - and that belle and the arabian prioncess didn't looked cool at all. at least to her. Pocahontas didn't matched her taint even closely. Rapunzel was again too oldschool and kissing frogs was yuck. Leaving one. Mulan. She wasn't exactly a princess, but at least a chinese folk heroine. "Richenda, Clarice, does Mulan count for that task?"

Chenda takes her time. She's been doing her own makeup and costuming for most of her life now. Having somebody else do it for her? Pure luxury. And the makeover ladies are really friendly about it, too, to the point that she asks them about themselves as well.
Janie's question doesn't come as an annoyance, but as just one more question. "Mulan? Oh, totally! She married a Chinese prince, for the technical side. For the rest... Mulan was the most self-made Disney princess. More than Esmerelda, even."
Someone needs moral support. She keeps talking to the makeover ladies, to slow them down so she can look after Janie. "You'd be a great Mulan."

Clarice nods. "Mulan works... She's considered a Princess.. Walk into any Disney store." She smiles and grabs Chenda's bag. "And she was pretty kick-ass, to boot!" She says, glad for Janie stepping in and changing the subject away from Florida.

"Hua Mulan is a ballad. She either declined to marry a prince after been forgiven to have acted as her father or was the concubine of Emperor Yang." So much for knowing the disneys - it was a bit of chinese historiy. "but if she counts, it's ok." she replies, picking some stuff for the makeover. "She was a farmer, then general, then farmer again," she explains further. "Do we do the clothing too or just face?"

"I was thinking the movie, but history totally works," Chenda replies. She doesn't know any Chinese history, honestly, but if it's not the Disney version, it has to be the real one, right? She lets the makeover ladies finish up with her, and stays nearby. Nearby as in outside hand-holding distance, but close enough to talk to without being in the way of the makeover people. In the mantime, she surveys her new look in a full-length mirror. "Maybe not movie-perfect, but I think this looks good on me." Clarice gets a smile. "You /do/ make a fantastic fairy!"

Clarice shrugs at the compliment. "I guess... You look good as a blonde, though." She giggles at that. "We'll be rig...." Oof... she places a hand on her stomach. "I think I may've overdone it with the corndogs.. Time for me to be less than Princess-like..." She runs out, looking for the nearest set of public restrooms.

It's midafternoon by now, and things are going quite well for the teams. The team consisting of Richenda, Thimble and Clarice are getting princess makeover, because apparently there is a rumour that bonus points will be awarded if teams come back with makeovers. Dani wasn't been seen since the parade, when she checked on all the teams that decided to go to that.

Janie looks over the dresses and stuff in the store, sighing a bit "those don't look like period clothing," she remarks, but does not really complain about the choice the helpers do. As long as she can hide her butterfly knife in it and it does not hinder her.

"What? Princesses never go to the bathroom?" Chenda calls after Clarice, though there's real concern underlying the joke. She's seen what midway corndogs can do to a person's digestion.

She tears her eyes away from her friend's hasty retreat and turns back to Janie. "Period? Probably not, no. But it's like the movie," she replies. "I don't think anybody'll be evaluating you for historical compliance in a theme park, hon."

"I see." Janie just answers, waiting for her makeup to be finished. It's not too much to be done on Mulan, and so is there not too much to be done for the hair besides giving it a slight cut.

Chenda borrows a mirror and holds it up for Janie. "Perfect! The Mongols ought to be running in terror and a certain prince bending his knee at first sight!"

Blindfold comes tapping her way in looking like she feels about as out of place as a giant pink elephant by the side of the highway in the midwest.

"A certain prince?" Janie asks, picking up the dress that was handed to her to slip into it in the dressing room.

"Mulan's commander in the movie. Technically, he was Chinese nobility. Maybe not quite a prince, but up there," Chenda replies, holding her own dress so she can wait for Janie to be done with the room. There are only so many, and the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique is doing a brisk business.

Then she spots a familiar face at the front. "Wow, it really /is/ a small world after all," she muses. "Hi, Ruth!"

There is another chirp from the comm device (everyone was given one along with other necessities like spending money, camera, etc) and Dani's voice is heard over it "Good Afternoon teams. Just a heads up that you have two hours left before the meeting time of 6:00. That is all."

Janie considders the no power rule as she notice it does not fit quite perfect, but looking around for people who might notice (which is noone) she decides to fix it anyway before she relocates her Butterfly knife to a pocket of the dress, before she puts her jeans and shirt into the backpack and rejoins Richenda in her vividrin green dress. "Ruth? no cheating."

Coming out from the back section, comes a caped figure, all dressed in black, and with a very familiar helmet. A small voice distorter bought separately is securely latched onto the throat, making the voice also sound rather familiar. "The Force is strong with you... but you have yet to reach your full potentials." The figure extends a hand to them, "Join me, and together, we shall rule the galaxy!"

Blindfold smiles waving to chenda before sighing at thimble with a shake off her head and falls quiet fidgeting with her cane crestfallen.

"Is that a Dark Lord Of The /Seth/ I hear?" Chenda muses, looking up at Darth Seth. His accent is impossible to mistake for anyone else. "I see you've been sampling the local wares. Having fun so far?"

She gives Janie a quizzical look, then moves to hug Ruth warmly, albeit with one arm. "Hey. Thinking of getting a makeover?" she asks encouragingly. "I'm going as Sleeping Beauty, myself. Just need to change into my dress." Which is draped safely over her free arm.

Janie smirks a bit as Richenda hugs Ruth "I think she should go a a... what was the name of those... there was one in the background in StarWars. had a blindfold on," she muses, thinking of a Miraluka, but do they have that here? "Richenda, you don't possibly have read Rice?"

Blindfold nods to chenda "yes thank you" swallowing hard with a sniffle

"Janie..." Chenda says warningly, accompanied by a Look. Teasing is one thing, callously hurting people's feelings is another, and she knows how sensitive Ruth can be about her condition. She tightens the hug a little. "Maybe Esmerelda, Ruth? I think you could pull off the look."
She steps into the dressing room Janie just vacated. "I'll just be a second. Talk to the makeover people. They'll help you!" And she's sure they will.

Blindfold hugs richenda tight then nods and starts tapping her way toward the makeover artists...but really she was headed the wrong way and toward the bathrooms, woops

Janie looks not to happy "I am sorry. I didn't meant it as an insult." she explains, stopping Ruth before she goes there "the Makeover is a bit more to the left. There." she sais, helping her to find them. "in front of you is the toilet."

As the Xavier's students either finish up or start to get makeovers, kids of all ages come and go getting thier own makeovers. Several giggling young girls, no older than 10, getting a mini makeover, hair and sashes only, squeal when Seth comes out of the dressing room dressed as Darth Vader. They then burst out in peals of giggles and rush to thier parents to leave.

Seth Vader aahs underneath his mask. "I see this one has a particular knack for the pun side", he points to Chenda, in the dressing room. "Then, she shall be taught the ways of the Dark Side post-haste!" He draws the lightsaber that came with the costume. "Uhm, once she leaves her cubicle, that is..."

"Be right out, Master!" Chenda promises through giggles. True to her word, she's quick to change and exit. "Please, teach your young apprentice... um, once she finishes being moral support for one of her classmates," she adds quickly, picking up her skirts and moving to help Ruth. Janie, she's glad to see, is doing the same thing, and the gypsy girl flashes the tallest Mulan in the room an approving smile. "Straight ahead, Ruth. Your makeover awaits."

Blindfold blushes at her mistake, giving thimble a grateful expression "thank you yes" but didn't say more and started tapping her way toward the makeovers.

Mercury comes out of her 'makeover', looking like the Princess Jasmine from the Alladin movie. "And now... the wig." she says, and adjusts her black hair wig in place before taking a look at herself in the mirror, "Should I use the holoimager... or jut go like this?" she asks as she turns around to Ruth and Seth.

"Wow... Cess, you look great! Somehow the harem look agrees with you," Chenda observes with a smile, looking Mercury over. "I'd use the holoimager, but it's up to you."

A most un-princessy beeping comes from her backpack, and she quickly scoops it up from the floor, looking at the equally un-princessy wristwatch looped around one of the packstraps. "Oh, fudgesicles... I promised Dani I'd make the dinner reservations for tonight! She'll strangle me with her hair if I don't! 'Scuse me, I've got to find a telephone." She hurries for the front desk, which should have one, along with a phone book. "Be right back!"

The comm devices chirp and as always that is followed by an annoucement from Dani "All teams have an hour to get thier final pictures taken and to get to the meeting location, the steps of Cinderella's Castle. See you all there. That is all."

The Dark Lord of the Seth - really, Chenda coined it! - hmms, looking at Mercury in her costume. "If you...", aaand he sees the voice thingy is still on, so he turns it off for the moment. "If you wear the wig...", he looks at Mercury, "you won't be using the inducer any more than you need to. It could count as points for us, if not keep us from outright disqualification."

Blindfold got her wig and a few freckles painted on and was given a dress, tapping her way over "would one of you point me toward the changing rooms, please thank you?" big red hair in tight unruly curls in an unnamed mane on her head

Mercury smiles, "Sure, Ruth." the metallic harem- Ahem, princess says, and escorts Ruth to one of the changing rooms, "Alright, Ruth. Here you are. We'll be just outside." she says, nodding, and hten she comes back out to look at Darth Seth, "I don't know if I should use the inducer. I mean, using our powers for the makeovers is considered cheating, so using the inducer to make my hair be black feels like cheating, too... but I'm not sure if it'll be ok going out like that with a metal skin." she looks down at herself.

Seth considers that. "And who's gonna touch you?" He looks around, "These people don't know mutants are among them, and we wanna keep it that way. Otherwise there goes our weekend." He shrugs, "I actually thought about going for the Emperor. My gloing eyes would've been a killer, /but/...", he lets Cessily take her own conclusions. "As for the helmet... It's got dark lenses. Can't see anything on the outside." He points Cess to the wig. "Make it look reallistic." He points around, "To them. 'Cause we already know you're a princess."

Blindfold smiles taking mercury's hand "thanks, yes, maybe you could ask miss moonstar on your communicator?" biting her tongue physically to keep from saying anything about cheating. Then when they got to the dressing rooms she smiles and nods slipping into one that was free. In a few minutes she emerged with her clothes in a bundle in one arm, dressed in a renaissance dress and slippers

Mercury hmmms at this, really thorn. In end, she decides to call Moonstar, so after making sure nobody else is looking, she call her. "Hello? Ms Moonstar? I need to ask you something. Can I use the holoinducer to make my skin and eyes look normal, and my hair black?" she asks, "Not sure if people would take kindly to a silver-skinned Disney princess around the park..."

The comm device chirps as Dani responds "That's what you were given it for, so you can look like everyone else." she doesn't use the word normal though.


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