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Same as the old boss

Ares, Spiral

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10/15/12 11:09

Thunderbolts HQ

Spiral gets her marching orders

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Matters proceed apace as the first mission for the Thunderbolts is organized and set into motion. Arachne and Elektra have been set to task, preparing and training for their part in the initial approach to the objective. Yet their arrival must be arranged as well, and for that the team needs Spiral.
So it is once she has returned to the base that Ares contacted her. Little more than a flicker of a holo image in one of the corridors granted by the polite computer's female facade as it announces to her that her presence is requested in the command center.
Should she wander that direction and enter she'll see inside will be the man who recruited her, John Aaron, standing in front of a bank of monitors with the large table behind him. He makes a few gestures now and then and those gestures cause the images upon the bank of displays to change. Occasionally he'll even ask questions of the computer's pseudo-AI interface and delve into whatever piece of intel catches his attention.
At first glance upon the monitors she'll most likely see aerial images of a military compound, some still pictures of some groundwork, heavy constrcution vehicles. There are also a lot of people in uniform, smiling people, toasting the success of something or other.

Spiral is getting lazy in her old age, and besides, she needs the practice. So there is a slight distortion in the centre of the room in the open bit in front of the monitors, like a heat haze almost, and then suddenly Spiral is there, having stepped through reality from - somewhere else. Who knows where.
After a quick glance around the room, the fuzzy booted sorceress ambles over to Ares, to settle onto the edge of the table, her two lower arms automatically gripping it for comforts sake. "I anticipated that I would be summoned here soon.". Her four free arms spread. "Here I am." she says gravely. Her glowing blank eyes shift slightly, focusing on the monitor with the happy smiling uniforms, though she says nothing about it.

Turning to face her, it seems to take a moment for Ares to fully focus upon her. The tall man cocks his head to the side slightly then gives her a nod. Away from the monitors he moves, a few footsteps carrying him to the table and her. He meets her gaze levelly.
"We have a task in front of us, I'm going to need your help." Ares gestures with one hand to the folders upon the table, but keeps his gaze level upon her. "We're to focus upon infiltrating and then destroying a facility. I would like you to help Arachne and Elektra deploy for the initial reconaissance, then approximately fifteen minutes later we will need to arrive there as well. Are you capable of making such precise and repeated teleports?"

Spiral grins at the task she has been given, no doubt thinking of how she was mainly apparently Mojo's personal battle taxi in the past. "It's nice to see that in all the turmoil of the multiverse, there are a few anchor points which stay the same." she replies, voice even. "I can do that... of course. It merely takes a minute or so to ready a dance over such a distance. So yes, but with a minute between each.".
With another smile, less humourless than her first, she adds, "A minute, it's only time. I'm sure Arachne and Elektra don't want to get too twisted over a minute.".

There's a small nod given to her, Ares steps away from the table and takes one of the folders from off the top of the small stack. He offers it to her and then tells her levelly. "When we go in I would like you at my side, we'll be the tip of the spear, as it were. I may need you as a wildcard to counter what we find. So if there is any ritual you go through or mental accounting you take before you wander into certain danger, get it done. We're moving shortly."
Spiral reaches out delicately to take the folder with one three fingered alien hand. "A shame I only have two eyes." she murmurs a little bitterly as she opens it up and has a look at it. "I am ready whenever you wish. Most of my spirals take mere moments to use. The dimension dance is one of the exceptions, but still quicker than walking." she tells him.
But she does tilt her head, and give him a sidelong glance. "So how soon is soon, hmm? You want me to remain in the base now?" she wonders, hoping this isn't going to put the crimp her own little project.

"The next day, perhaps two." Ares folds his arms over his chest as he looks down at the strange alien woman, his gaze holding hers levelly. "If you wish simply take a comm unit with you and I will contact you when I have a better window of time. But I would ask you make yourself available."
There's a pause, then he adds. "Can I trust you to meet my expectations in this?" The tall man does not seem to exude any sense of malice for the moment, but there is definitely an edge to him that speaks of something dangerous.

"I will do that, then. I do not leave this city very often, in any case, so I am sure that will be sufficient. Where are they?" Spiral wonders. She has roamed around the base at least once, but it's fair to say that her presence here has been rather limited, so while she doesn't get lost it's not like she knows where everything is. Such is her apparent indifference.
She sighs a little at his demanding ways. "Dance, Spiral." she mutters. "Maybe you should get in contact with Mojo if you want a reference for this highly competent and effective dimension taxi." she tells him, unable to keep the bitterness from her voice. "Yes, I will do as you say.".
Mojo would no doubt also mention her big mouth.

"In the armory," Ares smirks sidelong at her, then he turns away to walk back towards the computer displays. "If you have other talents then feel free to show me down the line." He waves a hand somewhat to the side, "Until then, this will have to suffice." That having been said he keys the computer monitors to start a different series of sweeps, feeding more data into the combat model.

"The armory. Alright." Spiral says, now somewhat irritated it seems. She leaves it at that, literally, as she waves a hand and disappears, presumably off to the armory.
New boss, same as the old boss.

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