New Blood

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Elektra, USAgent and Arachne

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Thunderbolt's HQ

USAgent comes to join the Thunderbolts, acts all patriotic

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==[ Command Center - Thunderbolts' HQ - Underground Manhattan ]==

This room has a modern look to it, the expensive equipment just adding to the overall look. The floor and walls are made of a gun metal grey material.

Sitting in the circular room is a large glass table with a holographic projector in the very center. At the four cardinal compass points is a glass flatpanel control point used to operate the holographic projector as well as the over monitors that cover two of the walls. There are roller chairs around the table allowing people to sit around it.

Two of the metallic walls are left bare, the third has a very large flat panel monitor on it, the other mulitple flat panel monitors allowing split screen shots.

There are three sliding pocket doors that lead to other parts of the base. If you get close enough they will open automatically.


With the teams first mission more or less successful, depending on who you ask, things have been quiet at the Thunderbolt's HQ. Which is probably why Arachne spends at least a couple of days a week here, to escapre the hustle of the /other/ place (that being the Avenger's Mansion.) Sitting at the table with a laptop in front of her she scans, if one to care enough to look, briefings of future missions and jobs that have been proposed to the team. She is in her head to toe black and red uniform, not the familiar B&W one.

Elektra sits at the same table, an assortment of edged weaponry spread out upon an oilskin cloth. She is polishing a sai as long as her forearm, completely focused upon the task. Since her... return... Elektra wears white silks as her daily attire of choice. Black is reserved for 'work', and she has yet to don her namesake red again.

The elevator doors open to reveal a dark figure. Heroic proportions, a mask featuring tiny but distinctive white wings, and a large round shield...could this be the legendary Captain America himself? But no, the colors are dark. And the build is subtly larger and more solid. And the voice is one that Arachne at least would recognize.
"Time for this little outfit to join the big leagues."

At first Arachne barely glances up fully expecting the elevator doors are opening to allow access for one of the other Thunderbolt members. It isn't until the person speaks that she looks up from the screen. Her body shows the surprise she feels but it is hard to see in her face. She is on her feet, though stays where she is, and seems ready to take action should it be needed. A glance is made to the security monitors, no alarms going off, "USAgent?" she queries, as if she is finding the man's prescence unbeliveable.

Elektra stops polishing at the sound of the unfamiliar voice, fingers lingering near the hilt of the sai. There's no show of emotion, no visible tension in her body as her mind switches into instinct mode. Yet rather than following those instincts, the assassin glances over at Arachne to gauge the other's reaction to the unexpected intruder. "I was not aware we were expecting guests." she offers.

USAgent's lips quirk in a smug smirk. "The one and only." He looks Arachne over. "The reports noted that you'd got a new costume for this team. If your goal was to not be recognized, I'd say you succeeded." He steps into the room and begins a short self-tour, glancing around at the decoration. Plain and functional - just the way he likes it, no doubt. "I'm not a guest," he clarifies to Elektra, running his gaze over her collection of weapons with what might be professional interest. "I'm the newest member of the Thunderbolts."

A shrug is sent toward Elektra, basically saying she was clueless about it as well. With her mask on facial expression is limted to nose and under, but it is easy to imagine that Arachne's brows would be furrowed at the statement "I have reasons for that, as you can well imagine." she states, giving no further explanation for the disguise "Are you here at brass's insistence or Ares'?

The collection upon the cloth includes matched sai, throwing spikes, knives, and a couple handful of shuriken. All are neatly arranged, except for the sai which Elektra still holds. A casual twitch of her fingers twirls the weapon so that it's now hilt-first. "Elektra Natchios." she replies. "Although if you arrived here without setting off the alarms, then I presume you know me already." And she gives Arachne a glance as well, nodding in agreement to her question.

USAgent nods to Elektra, and says with grudging respect, "I've read your file." Then he clears his throat. "I'm here because the Commission decided this was where I could best serve my country." Something about his tone makes it seem like that's all he's willing to way about the subject. "From the sound of things, you've got the right set of powers and skills. But the one thing that's missing is the right...attitude."

Arachne looks between USAgent and Elektra, obviously trying to think of a way to phrase her reply without insulting anyone, so instead asks the question that springs to mind "And what attitude does the commission find that the Thunderbolts are missing?" it certainly isn't bravado, confidence (over) or craziness, that is flying around in large amounts.

For her part, Elektra gives USAgent a wry smile and looks like she is seriously considering throwing something deadly at him. "To elaborate upon Arachne's question, we are the group who gets called in when the people in the bright costumes don't want to soil their hands. We all have our specialties, and most of them aren't nice. But that's what we're about."

USAgent nods patiently at Elektra. "That's right. You've got the skills, and the powers and the training. And maybe the willingness to use them in ways that other teams don't. But it still takes the right mindset. The right attitude." He casts a quick glance at Arachne to indicate that he's now directing his words to her as well. "What the Thunderbolts are being asked for...what all of us here are being asked for," he gestures with the hand that's not carrying his shield at the walls, probably to indicate the base and the other Thunderbolts within, "Is to serve the country first, and above all. Can you do that? Can you be part of something bigger than yourselves, and bigger than /any/ team? Bigger - and more rewarding - than anything you've ever done in your lives?"

"I'm not the one you have to convince USAgent." Arachne isn't sure of Electra so of course doesn't speak for her, "So you may want to save your 'big damn hero' speeches for when the rest of the team is around." she grins "I would hate for you to use your best stuff on us.

Another light *swoosh* flips the sai handle back into Elektra's palm and she leans back in her chair. "I have fought for causes before." she adds. "I even died for one. But that's not why I joined this outfit. I don't trust the spandex community to make the right decisions when it comes down to doing the right thing or getting their hands dirty." She pauses for a moment, then looks over to Arachne. "I think he got a different sales pitch than we did."

USAgent gives Elektra a pointed look, then exhales a burst of air, expression relenting. "Maybe we just heard what we wanted to hear," he finally replies. Next he wanders over to where Arachne is, peering at her laptop. "So what's next for this bunch?"

"And you probably got a different one than I did, Elektra, as did the rest." Arachne heard about all of them, and yes each one was different, for a reason. When USAgent comes over she doesn't bother hiding the screen "I don't know. Ares well get final decision. I'm just narrowing the options." she does look at him a bit dubiously, not sure whether to take his story so far at face value, but for now she seems to give him the benefit of the doubt.

Elektra gives the sai another flip, then sets it down with deliberate precision into the arrangement of cutlery before her. "He just told me I would get to kill people, and they'd all be -bad- people. He hasn't been wrong so far." she offers. Picking up a shuriken next, she begins close examination of its many small edges and adds. "Once you're cleared, we'll brief you on our last assignment. Or you can read the newpapers under the heading 'North Korea' and make your own conclusions."

USAgent snorts softly. "I just might do that. So where is Ares anyway?" He glances over his shoulder as if he expects the god of war to come out of the elevator next. "And what do you mean, 'he' gets the final decision...?"

A shrug comes from Arachne "Meeting with brass according to him." she isn't sure whether she beleives it or not "He is in charge of this group, for the most part." with that a beebing comes from somewhere on her person and she puts a hand down on the laptop to close it while she pulls out a small flip phone with her other "I have to take this. If you will excuse me." with that she heads to the elevator as she answers the cell.

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